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New Book from Boran Publishing “I’m Burning”

Book Title: I’m Burning (Selma Kubat/ Resistance Diaries, Poems, Last Letters) Publisher: Boran Publishing Date: August 2021

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“ …my people are for you I am burning.New Book from Boran Publishing

You can see this fire in the hearts of the peoples of Iraq and Palestine.

This fire is not only in my body.

It grows in every country our enemy attacks.


It is wrapping the world, it will wrap up.

Our soul will not stay on the ground, it will not stay.

This power comes out of you. It is you who create this power.

My people!

I LOVE you enough to burn to ashes for your sake

You are worth it.

Listen to us, not those who say ‘it’s not worth it’.

We are burning for you.

Bury our ashes in our homeland.

Look at the world that will rise from our ashes. It’s not far, it’s near, happy days will come.

Believe, trust us.

I trust my people, I trust you

I will not be left behind.”


It is a pity that our people raised many brave men

Would you like to witness it once again?

Would you like to see how the fire of justice and freedom has taken root in our country?

Would you like to meet a hero who grew up and became a revolutionary with the poems of Nazım starting with “If you do not burn, if I do not burn…” Are you?

Then we recommend that you read this book.

We have brought together the resistance diary, poems and last letters of Selma Kubat, a death fast resistance fighter,

and compiled it into a book.

Selma Kubat, as a great death fast resister and martyr, did not just leave a valuable legacy of resistance

; He also put his feelings and thoughts on paper during the resistance by keeping a diary, writing poems

and with letters.

We are honored to publish these articles.

submissive, obedient, silent and We would like to thank all the death fast resistance fighters and death fast fighter Selma Kubat, who have demonstrated with their resistance that we are not a humiliated people.

There is hope because they resisted to the death.

Because they exist, we challenge the oppressors with the power we get from them.

Boran Publishing

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