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NRW People’s Assemblies: Freedom for 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in Greece

Greek Prosecutor’s Spokesperson for Justice, Imperialism and Fascism

The prosecutor’s office gave a funny opinion on behalf of justice in the courts of 11 revolutionaries tried in Greece.

There is not even a shred of justice in the opinion. On the contrary, it has been the spokesperson for imperialism, which sheds blood in the whole world, and for fascism, which carries out a new massacre and torture every hour in Turkey. p>

We protest this opinion.

We Demand the Immediate Release of the Revolutionaries!

Making Revolution is Not a Crime. We say it is our duty!

Down with Fascism and Imperialism!

Long Live the Revolution, Long Live the Revolutionists!

16.07.2021< /p>

NRW People’s Assemblies

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