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Nrw People’s Assemblies Statement: Those Who Burn Our Forests and Do Not Take Precautions Against Fires Are Traitors!

Nrw People's Assemblies Statement: Those Who Burn Our Forests and Do Not Take Precautions Against Fires Are Traitors!

There were countless forest fires in various parts of our country.

It is not a coincidence that so many forest fires broke out at the same time.

The homeland has nothing to do with protecting the homeland. It is a well-known fact that exploitative tyrants, who do not think of anything other than exploiting the labor of our people, the underground and aboveground riches of our homeland and offering them to the imperialists, are burning our forests under the protection of the AKP government to open up rent areas. It is known that countless forest fires are caused by the armed forces of the dominant exploiters and oppressors.

In addition to these, whoever burns our forests for whatever purpose is a lowly traitor.

It is not just those who burn. Those who do not take the necessary precautions against fires are also traitors.

We see that those who encourage the burning of our countless forests for one or another despicable reason have no precautions against fires. . In the country where Tayyip Erdoğan went on a picnic with 5 planes, not even two planes are mobilized to put out the forests that are engulfed in flames.

They live off nationalist-patriotic when it comes to words. But countless examples like this one openly reveal that they are lowly traitors. They have no other problem than the servitude of the imperialists, whom they represent for the exploitation interests in our country. They sold everything we have in our country to the imperialists. Even now, they are selling the lands we liberated from the imperialists with blood and martyrs.

For what?

For the sake of getting a share of the exploitation, which is nothing but the dishonor of their imperialist masters offered to them.

But let’s not forget that we have the people who are the real owners of these lands.


Our people have revolutionary sons.

And their day of reckoning will come one day. They will know how to bring all these through their noses.

Down with Traitors to the Homeland!

Long Long Live the Struggle of Our People Against Traitors

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