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Nrw People’s Assembly: Fascism Attacks Revolutionaries, Democrats Around the World

Journalist Erk Acarer was attacked by the fascist organization named Osmanlı Ocakları while sitting in the garden of his house in Berlin, Germany, on the evening of 7 July. Erk Acarer was seriously injured in the attack, in which knives were also used. p>

As if it were not enough for the fascist AKP to try to take over countless democratic journalists in our country by means of repression and terror, it has now targeted journalists abroad.

It is also significant that this attack took place in Germany, where the main supporters of the fascist AKP are in power.

Fascists and imperialists do not want to keep revolutionary-democrats safe anywhere in the world.

However, they should know that they cannot intimidate us. Tamaksine will be worse than the situation the MHP fascists have been in in the past.

Erk Acarer’s dignified stance against the attack is an indication of this.

We, as the NRW People’s Assembly, believe that Erk Acarer’s stance against this despicable attack is an indication of this. We wish everyone to be taken as an example and we wish him well.

Down with Fascism and Imperialism!

Long Live Our Honorable Resistance Against Fascist Attacks!

Nrw People’s Assembly

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