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NRW People’s Assembly Statement on the Flood Disaster in Germany

Enough is Now

Leave People and Nature Relax

NRW People's Assembly Statement on the Flood Disaster in Germany

On July 13-14, NordRein Westfalen ( There was a major flood disaster in Germany, including the state of NRW.

The consequences of the disaster, in which at least 33 people lost their lives, are so dramatic that nothing can compensate. Are disasters happening?

The only answer to this question is that the capitalist-imperialist system, which surrounds the whole world like an octopus, destroys the people and nature.

This system is a system that thinks nothing but profit and exploitation. . Exploitation interests have blinded them so much that even the destruction of nature and humanity does not concern them.

But this is nature! It does not look like the people who are enslaved and whose everything is played with in order to be dehumanized. He says ENOUGH!

The time has come for us, as all the peoples of the world, to say ENOUGH IS NOW. Let’s not forget: We have the only power to save humanity and nature. Unless we say stop, the capitalist-imperialist system will continue to tread on nature and us.

The only solution is for us to stand up, destroy this corrupt system of profit and exploitation, and establish socialism, the only system friendly to nature and people.

Anyone who proposes a solution other than this is a fraud. He is trying to deceive the people in the name of order.

For this reason, the Greens Movement, which advocates that it will bring solutions to natural problems within the capitalist system, and the traitors who present socialism to capitalism on a gold platter because there are global problems are fraudulent. They basically do not have a problem with nature. They are only trying to adapt the people to the order by deceiving them.

For this reason, we want all our people to organize in the PEOPLE’s ASSEMBLY and to avoid this war, blood, massacre, torture, terrorizing the people and Finally, we call on people to fight against this system that knows nothing but destroying nature.

This is the only solution! We are the only solution!

The only solution means WE ARE ENOUGH all together.

Down with the Imperialist System!

Long live Socialism and the Struggle of the Peoples of the World!


NRW People’s Assemblies

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