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Okmeydanı People’s Assembly Statement: Resisting İkizdere is Resisting Turkey!

Resisting İkizdere is Resisting Turkey!

Okmeydanı People's Assembly Statement: Resisting İkizdere is Resisting Turkey!

Also known as the five-member gang, they pierce every inch of our country’s land like a dagger. Cengiz İnşaat, one of the pillars of this betrayal network and AKP feeder, has set its sights on İkizdere this time.

The people of İkizdere also started to resist against this herd of traitors, who see it as their duty to plunder and set their sights on all the beauties of the country with greed for profit. The law enforcement forces of the capital and the state marched on the people of İkizdere to protect their owners, gassed them, intervened, and did not let the people into their own lands. These were the images we were used to. The honorable resistance of the people of İkizdere, who do not refrain from plundering every inch of our country’s land as if putting dynamite on the roots of the country for the growth of capital, who do not want these vampires on their own soil, who destroy the ecological balance and spill match water for the future of this geography, is the resistance of the future of Turkey and the peoples of Turkey. Representatives of the capitalist system never spontaneously back down, because this is against their operating laws. Since capitalism is a system built on growth and perpetuation of exploitation, it always wants more, as a precaution, with ever-increasing insatiability and appetite. İkizdere, Kaz Mountains and every inch of our country’s land, underground and aboveground riches will be the targets of the representatives of the oligarchic order. Failure to do so means that the capitalist system and its representatives have dissolved itself, which corresponds to the absurd situation of waiting for a birth from a kind of stone.

They left no place to live in our country. They are stealing the future of us and the youth of our country.

Fighting against these bandits must be the primary duty of every citizen who loves his country. Every day without a struggle causes the country and the people to lose more blood and melt away. Assemblies of Rights and Assemblies of Resistance are our institutions where struggle, resistance and the solution of the problems of the people can be achieved

The alternative to the order is not the parties of order, but the People’s Assemblies.

The resistance assemblies are the address of continuity and consistency in the resistances against the injustices of the fascist dictatorship.

While dozens of people lose their lives due to the pandemic every day, while suicides and unemployment are rampant, someone continues to add wealth to the country’s wealth by saying this is an opportunity. gold continues to carve the people’s pockets.

We are not helpless, you are not helpless!

The solution is in our own hands, in our own struggle, in our own organisations. We can find the solution to our own problems by uniting, being in solidarity, resisting and giving shoulder to shoulder.

Our people; We invite everyone who is oppressed, whose lands, nature and future are plundered, to unite and struggle within the People’s Assemblies and Resistance Councils!

İkizdere is the Homeland!

The Proud of Unrequited Loving Your Homeland belongs to the Socialists!

Our Struggle for Democracy Against Fascism, Socialism Against Capitalism Continues!

We demand justice for the people and the future of our country!

We are the people, we are right, we will win!


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