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On the 178th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

The members of Grup Yorum have launched a petition for the demands of the imprisoned members to be accepted, you sign a petition for the demands of Grup Yorum to be accepted.

< Let the demands of Grup Yorum members be accepted immediately before their health conditions deteriorate, because Grup Yorum is the voice of poverty, because it is the voice of those who come from the suburbs, what they call the lower class, because the people do not get used to poverty, do not settle for saying fate, get up and take your fate in your hands, today they are imprisoned and have been sought on terror lists. The real terrorists are the parasites who arrested Grup Yorum and put rewards on the heads of Grup Yorum members. Grup Yorum members continue their resistance with their bodies melting day by day and their eyes full of resistance. It is not to go to death, it is to defend life to death. It is to defend the beauties of life. Grup Yorum is resisting because it defends the new life and life.

The imprisoned members of Grup Yorum are on an indefinite hunger strike for their rights and demands to be accepted. The hunger strike days of Grup Yorum members;
Bahar Kurt: 152nd day (Burhaniye T-Type Prison)
Barış Yüksel: 145th (Silivri 9th Closed Prison)

< div>İbrahim Gökçek: 144th day (Silivri Closed Prison No.9)

Helin Bölek: 142nd day (Gebze M Type Closed Prison)
Ali Vehicle: 76th day (Silivri) Closed Prison No. 9)
Let the demands of Grup Yorum be accepted immediately, let’s support the resistance of Grup Yorum.
It is our turn to support the members of Grup Yorum, whose songs we listen to and who are with us at every moment, letters Let’s not leave Grup Yorum members alone by writing.
Group Comment is the People and Can’t Be Silenced!
Long Live Our Hunger Strike Resistance!
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