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On the 185th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

A shaman teacher says:
“Nothing in nature lives for itself
Rivers cannot drink their own water.

< div>Trees cannot eat their own fruit.

The sun does not heat for itself.
The moon does not shine for itself.
Flowers do not smell for themselves.
The earth does not give birth for itself.
The wind does not blow for itself.
Clouds do not get wet from their own rain.”
The members of Grup Yorum have started a hunger strike for the release of their imprisoned members, to drop the lawsuits against them, to lift bans on concerts, to remove the lists, and to demand an end to the raids on İdil Cultural Center.
The imprisoned members of Grup Yorum gave their voice to the hunger strike launched from prisons and put their bodies on an indefinite hunger strike and today;
Bahar Kurt: 159. Day- 38 Kg
Peace Rise: Day 152 – 57 Kg
İbrahim Gökçek: Day 151 – 53 Kg
Helin Bölek: Day 149 – 55 Kg
Ali Tool: Day 85- 47 Kg
It is in our hands to support the hunger strike resistance of Grup Yorum and to meet their demands, let’s support the resistance of Grup Yorum so that their demands are accepted.
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