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On the 206th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

The members of Grup Yorum were going to hold two concerts in Istanbul and Adana, this meant a nightmare for fascism and they thought that they would disrupt the concert preparations by raiding the İdil Cultural Center immediately. arrested. The concert to be held in Adana afterwards was banned by the district governor’s office.
The pressures could not silence the voice of Grup Yorum with threats and detentions. Grup Yorum members laid their bodies on hunger in order to be able to perform their concert again today.
There is no power that can defeat a will that is willing to die for its demands.
Hunger strike days of Grup Yorum members;
Helin Bölek170
IbrahimGökçek 172
BarisYüksel 173
Spring Kurt180
Ali Araci105

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Group Comment Is The People Can’t Be Silenced!
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