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On the 207th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

On the 207th day of Grup Yorum’s indefinite hunger strike resistance, GrupYorum members continue to organize concerts despite all pressures, and their institutions were raided 10 times in two years. Their instruments were broken, they were tortured, there were fake news about them.
Grup Comment has stood firm against all these pressures because it loves the people and its homeland and because of its ideological solidity. Grup Yorum is the one who will accompany us with its folk songs and anthems when we stop at the halay dance on that big day.
The songs of Grup Yorum are writing a diary on the history of our country’s revolutionary struggle.
Helin Bölek171
IbrahimGökçek 173
BarisYüksel 174
Spring Kurt181
Ali Araci106

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Group Comment’s Folk Songs Are Not Forbidden!
Group Comment Is The People Can’t Be Silenced!
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