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On the 82nd Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike

“Human; where there is no sea, in the name of hope, there must be a seagull“
Nazim Hikmet
Grup Yorum is on the 82nd day of the hunger strike resistance.
– Our institution should not be published- Concert bans should be lifted- Remove lists- Release the imprisoned Grup Yorum members- Let all the lawsuits filed against us be dropped,
Hunger strike resistance with their demands inside and outsideprogress.
Prisoner Grup Yorum members are on hunger strike;Bahar Kurt is on its 55th dayBaris Yuksel is on his 49th dayİbrahim Gökçek is on his 52nd dayHelin Bölek is on her 51st day.
Outside, Grup Yorum members are on the 82nd day of their hunger strike. HelenBölek’s mother is on the 10th day of her hunger strike. Our requests from Grup Yorum membersbe accepted immediately!
Let’s not leave the members of Grup Yorum on Hunger Strike alone,Let’s support them by writing letters and stating that we are with them.
Group Comment is the People and Can’t Be Silenced!
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