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Our Comrade Ayten Öztürk Detained As A Result Of An Unlawful Arrest Decision

Our Comrade Ayten Öztürk Detained As A Result Of An Unlawful Arrest Decision

Ayten Öztürk, who was detained from the Lebanon Refik Hariri Airport in March 2018 with an international conspiracy and was handed over to the MIT, was held in the torture chambers of the MIT for 6 months. subjected to all kinds of torture. 898 wounds were inflicted on his body, but our comrade came out of the torture prison with his head held high, preserving his honor, revolutionism, and love of the people and country. He was handed over to Ankara’s Political Branch Police by the MIT in September 2018, as if the police caught him by chance, and a theater began to be played as if the state did not inflict the wounds on his body. p>

As a result of his trial held 3 days ago, he was sentenced to aggravated imprisonment twice, but was released under house arrest. He was taken into custody on the way out of the prison, using another file as an excuse, and was released after being detained for about a day. At the first moment of his release, the objection of the Prosecutor’s Office came. 4. The ACM issued an arrest warrant for our comrade and Ayten Öztürk was taken into custody from her home on 14 June. 4. The ACM’s arrest warrant was completely unlawful. Ayten Öztürk was arrested without any concrete evidence, and the price of resisting torture for 6 months was tried to be paid. Now AKP fascism aims to make him a life in prisons. But he won’t be able to. We will tell the world about their torture. AKP fascism is a torturer, a dishonorable torturer that will torture a woman alone for 6 months. The world will hear about this. Our people will learn how Ayten Öztürk heroically resisted. We will take our comrade away from the oppression. We call on all our people to embrace Ayten Öztürk for a torture-free and free tomorrow.

Revolutionary Workers’ Movement

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