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Contact was made with the Free Prisoners of Greece in the Family and Youth Camp!

A telephone connection was established with the Free Prisoners of Greece on Wednesday, August 4 and Friday, August 5, during breakfast. On Wednesday, Hazal Seçer and Fikir Kızılkaya were talked to, and on Thursday, Burak Ağarmış and Ali Ercan Gökoğlu spoke. They talked about the unlawful decision they had taken for 30 years and the pressures they faced during the court process. They talked about the torture in the courtroom and that this decision was a political decision. We talked about the videos and activities we shot for them in the Family and Youth camp we were in. Camp Press...

Çayan People’s Fronts Distributed 350 March Magazines During the Week

People of CayanCepheliler has distributed the 138th issue of Walking magazine. 138th issueWalk magazine to the public in distributions starting one day after publication.pressures on him, the resistance of the imprisoned Walking Journal employees andcourt processes. Despite the pressures on the magazine, all conditions andHalk Cepheliler, which continues to distribute magazines under the condition, alsoThe problems in the neighborhood, the problems experienced by the tradesmen and the public were also discussed.they chatted.October 2, 201970 Walk magazine was distributed by 2 People's Front ondelivered. The work took 3 hours.October 3, 2019On average, 200 March magazines were distributed by 3 People's Front.delivered...

The Kurdish Full Version of Grup Yorum’s Roboski Poetry

div>Grup Yorum'un Bullari m saying Dilendi Halimi tamamı aşağıdadırDate 28 December 2011div>Uludere district Sirirnexêdiv>They left from the village of Timediv>way across the borderdiv>fleediv>fleediv>poordiv>povertydiv>withdrawaldiv>through hungerdiv> div>Path that runsdiv>bare feetdiv>But brotherdiv>eyes silentdiv>retreating cold raydiv>brothersdiv>spousesdiv>brotherdiv>uncle ofdiv>nephewdiv> div>In the form of compulsory vaccinationdiv>be able todiv>without breaddiv>if there is a needlediv>Noermiyek no otherdiv>Although he left his leg in twodiv>with the optionaldiv>compulsivediv> div>He is survived decadesdiv>the people of this countrydiv>teadiv>tobaccodiv>sugardiv>oildiv>anddiv>through the minefielddiv>Who returnsdiv>Who can turndiv>They shout their mules, followeddiv>they arediv>need to godiv> div>Busier, forcing their waydiv>illegaldiv>across the borderdiv>step by step close to their villagediv>bombs were thrown on themdiv>o advanced combat aircraftdiv>"smart bombs"div>Baranek on the bar.Div> div>"Humane...

Comradeship Day at Youth and Family Camp!

European Giant-Youth Comradeship Day was held on the 12th day of the Family and Youth camp in France. All the youth in the camp went to a different beach in the form of a convoy. There have been discussions and conversations about happiness, capitalism and revolution. Afterwards, the day ended by playing various games.We did not spend the day alone, but collectively with our comrades. We asked and answered the questions in our minds.We spent time with our comrades against the corrupt understanding of the order. Camp Press-Publishing Commission