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Grup Yorum 21 May Internet Concert

AEC (Anti-Imperialist Front) on May 21 at 19:00International solidarity concert with Grup Yorum, organized byhappened.The program of the solidarity concert consisted of 5 parts. GroupWe were included in the first, third and fifth chapters as comments.In other sections, live artists from all over the worldlinks and solidarity videos with Grup Yorum were shown.This concert is a part of the internationalism created by our resistance.occurred as a result. Anadolu, which embraces our demands all over the world,Created by Helin and İbrahim with the Peoples of the World and artists from all over the world.we once again raised values ​​with international solidarity.International...

Action in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin

An action was held in front of the Greek Embassy in Berlin for 11 Revolutionary Turkish citizens who were imprisoned in Greece on August 25, 2021 and sentenced to a total of 330 years in prison.Approximately 1 The slogans were 'Revolutionary Freedom from 11 Turkish detainees in German and Turkish in action,' lasting for hours, 'Making Revolution is not a crime, it is a duty, Freedom for Revolutionary Prisoners, Revolutionary Prisoners are not Alone. Down with Fascism and ImperialismLong Live Our Struggle Berlin People's Assembly

Families from TAYAD Statement: Making Revolution is Not a Crime! Duty is Honor

We will not leave 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in the Hands of Greek and Turkish Fascism!The fascist Greek government, collaborator of imperialism, arrested 11 Turkish revolutionaries on March 24, as a result of the raids on March 19,2020 . Even the right of defense of the revolutionaries, who were arrested with the conspiracy of Turkey and Greek fascism andgroundless allegations, was usurped and 11 of them were given the same punishment. With the punishments imposed by imperialism, Turkey and Greek fascism; in fact, he wants to condemn revolutionism and socialism, not any crime. tries to overcome with pressure. This attack on...

Freedom for Erdal Gökoğlu Committee: Release Erdal Gökoğlu

We held a demonstration for Erdal Gökoğlu in front of the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on Wednesday, August 18. Our slogans demanding the release of Erdal Gökoğlu and shouting that Erdal Gökoğlu was not alone beat the walls of the Ministry of Justice for 1 hour. The actions we take on Wednesdays every week continue to expose the lawlessness and injustice that Erdal Gökoğlu has experienced. However, despite this, the Belgian state does not release Erdal Gökoğlu for arbitrary reasons, ignoring all recognized and known universal human rights...We will not surrender to this unlawfulness, and...