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Poetry from Stuttgart Grup Yorum Volunteers

73 WoundsOh Izmir, oh glorious IzmirOfficers with doctor silhouetteThe torturer executioner is cut in his bosomI would freeze hereBegins session with all officialProsecutor's doctor, gendarmerieThat moment is an indestructible willMy Prometheus-faced MustafaSeventy-three wounds were openedI'm around twenty-eightIn her thirty-pound bodySeventy-three Newroz flowersAt that moment, neither a scream nor a feardaggered teethParts Alaman serumDesperate torturersThey cover their faults with laughterAnd those who come offIt's a loud sound, hear it!Köroğlu's cry in BoluBinboğa is Dadaloğlu's instrumentPir Sultan in Banaz plateauBedreddins against the armies of princesDefending honor and fairnessThey are our voiceTheyThey spent their lives in warSnow melted in ErciyesThe pomegranate stood in...

Extradition Case Filed Against Free Prisoners of Greece, Halil Demir

An extradition case has been filed against Halil Demir, one of our Free Prisoners of Greece, by the Turkish state for alleged DHKP-C membership. While these extradition requests were sometimes rejected by the courts, they were sometimes frustrated by long-term hunger strikes. Halil Demir is a revolutionary who has political asylum, his extradition cannot be done according to the law, but the governments that are collaborators of imperialism immediately shelve their laws when it conflicts with their interests.However, nothing is going to stop the revolutionaries from surrendering. not enough. Greece should immediately end its cooperation with Turkey.PRESSIONS CANNOT DEAR USFREE...

Germany Youth Ebru Timtik Commemoration

We share with you the weekly commemoration of martyrs as the European Giant-Young people. This week, we named the People's Justice Warrior and lawyer Ebru Timtik, who became immortal last year.We are expanding the struggle with what we learned from the struggle for justice given by our martyrs.Our martyrs are our historical consciousness, our love for the people and our country. It is our duty to remember, tell and commemorate them!Ebru Timtik is Immortal!Martyrs of the Revolution are Immortal!

Public School Magazine 46th Issue Is Out

Helin, Mustafa, Immortalized by the Demand for Justice for the People,With the indigestion of the victory we won with İbrahim, Ebru and Aytaç, Özgür, DidemThe Attacking Fascist AKP Cannot Overshadow Our Victory, It Cannot End Our Struggle for Justice!The 16th Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court 10 Hours After ReleasedRe-ArrestedUpheld the Sentences of the People's Lawyers!Detained After Release, Sadık Eroğlu, ÜmitIlter, Emel Yesilirmak; Arrested Again After 6 Hours!We Want Justice, We Will Get It! Contents* We Want Justice, If You Don't Give It, We Will Take It By Force!* Revolutionary Lawyers Cannot Be Taken! Given by the Supreme CourtDecisions are...

Telephone Interview with Grup Yorum Worker Seher Adıgüzel

On May 7, as Grup Yorum, we visited Seher Adıgüzel's family and participated in the telephone conversation.We had a 20-minute telephone conversation with the imprisoned Grup Yorum worker Seher Adıgüzel.< p>We listened to our newly published composition "Kızıldere" and explained our works. As free prisoners, we shared the enthusiasm of resistance.

Attitude Magazine March 2020 Grup Yorum Special Issue Is Out!

ResistanceGrup Yorum, the indomitable voice of hope and the people born from its day, on the one handWhile continuing to resist, on the other hand, he left Greece as an internationalist.He went to Cuba, from Mexico to Belarus and showed his solidarity with the peoples of the world,and told the peoples of the world about his resistance exceeding 200 days today.Your experience,sharing their experiences and beliefs in socialism with them and full of hope.He sang their songs with them. The hearts of those who resist all over the worldscored together.Of course thisThroughout the journey we have seen once again the...

Yuksel Resistance 1716. Day Noon and Evening Statements

Noon Statement:We were in the field again at the afternoon statement of Ascension Resistance on the 1716th day. We couldn't upload our action video due to a technical glitch. We talked about Elif Ersoy, the editor-in-chief of the Walking Journal, who was arrested for conspiracy. Revolutionary Journalism Is Not a Crime! Evening Description: Aytaç Ünsal was arrested for conspiracy. His treatment was deliberately delayed. The people's lawyers were arrested for being a revolutionary lawyer. The sentence given to them is void, they are still our lawyer and we love them very much.