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Solidarity with Death Fast Resistance Internet Concert and Conference

On Sunday, May 17, "Our Struggle for Justice" on the internetProgress! We will win by resisting!” international solidarity concert andconference was held.Anti-Imperialist Front, HHB International Bureau and Grup YorumSolidarity concert and conference jointly organized by the Solidarity CommitteeGreece, France, Canada, Italy, Belarus, Germany, Spain, Austria,Numerous artists, lawyers, individuals and institutions from the Canary Islands and Gibraltarjoined.Participants in the solidarity event that lasted for 2 and a half hoursMessages of solidarity with the resistances in Turkey, to the martyred insurgentsshared their dedication songs, emphasized the importance of solidarity andThey expressed their belief that it will be won with solidarity.Members of Grup...

New Book by Boran Publications: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler Zere

Book Title: The Name of Freedom for Sick Prisoners Güler ZereEditor: Dilber Güneş Publisher: Boran Publishing Date: July 2021 His book Click to DownloadClick for People's Voice Library Preface:Güler Freedom for Zere Campaign is a first in the history of struggle in our country, a new tradition created. It showed that sick prisoners are not homeless, and that no sick prisoner will be allowed to be 'quietly exterminated' in a blind cell.The AKP government first makes the prisoners sick with isolation, and then they die silently. Therefore, isolation has been defined as "silent destruction".Prisoners in our country are murdered by...

Dev-Young Statement: Public School Magazine Can’t Be Silenced

Let Yilmaz Viraner be Released!The AKP fascism has been trying to prevent the printing press of the Public School Magazine for months, threatening the printersand harassing the magazine office all the time. AKP is afraid of a magazine published by the revolutionaries despite all the means, propaganda tools, channels, newspapers, and news programs it has! >tells. Not only that, it unites the people in the struggle against fascism.When the murderer could not prevent the printing press with his police, he continued to attack the revolutionary press, by issuing a "containment warrant" and detaining YılmazViraner!We shout once again in the language...

Hasan Ferit Gedik Workers Distributed Magazines

Hasan Ferit Gedik laborersOn 26 November in Stuttgart, 30 Bizim Mahalle magazines and 16 Public SchoolsHe delivered his magazine to tradesmen and mailboxes.Hasan Ferit Gedik laborersThey explain how important it is to read and be taught with these words: 'It's on our plate.whatever comes to us comes to our spoon.' Reading improves our horizons, reading always makes usmoves forward.Our Neighborhood and Public SchoolLET'S READ MAGAZINES AND SHARE IT TO OUR PEOPLE!Hasan Ferit GedikWorkers span> class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> b>

Grup Yorum: We Supported the March of Betül, Seher and Sevcan’s Mothers

As Grup Yorum, we took part in the last day of the two-week long march of Betül, Seher and Sevcanın Mothers with our songs. The mothers of Grup Yorum workers, Seher Adıgüzel and Betül Varan, and Dev-Gençli Sevcan Adıgüzel exposed all the injustices, tortures, unlawfulness and tortures of AKP fascism in the march they continued for two weeks. They explained all the crimes of AKP fascism, city by city, and shouted that they will never leave their daughters alone and that they will fight until they can freely make the art of the people. LIBERTY FOR SEHER SEVCAN AND BETÜL...

New Book by Boran Publications: Socialism Against Capitalism

Book Title: Socialism Against CapitalismAuthor Name: Ilgın GülerPublishing House: Boran PublicationsPrint Date: 2020Preface:First, 1/6th of the world, then We are the ones who saved 1/3 of them from imperialism. After both wars of sharing, we are the founders of socialism, which recovered and became stronger in a short time like 10 years with a planned and programmed work. We can do it again. We have this power and ideology. We will constantly direct our veideology and power to our enemy, and we will raise our struggle against capitalism and imperialism. >Click to Download His BookClick for Public Voice Library

Eid Message from Free Prisoners of Greece

Hello, our people, who earn their living with their sweat, say donate your meat to those who do not eat meat all year in their commercials. This is the proof of hunger and poverty. Hunger for our people; Those who see poverty as normal are also trying to take away our right to resist, to intimidate us by building new prisons, and to persecute our holidays where we experience little happiness and joy. Today, we are the descendants of Kızıldere. and no poverty; We celebrate your holiday by promising that we will bring holidays and free tomorrows. Free Prisoners of...