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Pencil Political Cartoon Humor Magazine 2nd Issue Is Out!

Life is full of contradictions as a requirement of dialectics. Opposites coexist. Beauty-the-ugly, good-bad, right-wrong. We cannot consider any of them separately. Crying and laughing are two emotions to be evaluated within this dialectical law. And when it comes to laughing, humor comes to mind.We come from a people who are oppressed, exploited, ignored and condemned to live face to face with pain all their lives. Although it may seem like a contradiction, we are the grandchildren of humorists and humorists, which sprout as a kind of rebellion of consciousness kneaded with pain, in accordance with the laws of the dialectic we are talking about.Humor has been “one of the tools of the oppressed to take revenge on the oppressor” for centuries. In other words, the oppressor has no humor (the ones that exist are the corruptions that reflect their morals, which we do not see in the humor category). The oppressed have humor. He makes fun of the oppressors and makes fun of them. Thus, he takes a kind of revenge on those responsible for his suffering.Writers, artists, press workers are being investigated, detained and imprisoned one after another because of their writings and works. Various lawsuits are filed not only against political magazines, but also against humor magazines. Many numbers are collected. The owners and the writer-artist team are brought to court. Caricatures made by free prisoners in prisons are censored and prevented from being posted outside from time to time.Those who do not tolerate humorists today and try to silence even the smallest dissenting voice, apparently do not know very well that humor is not really practiced today. Indeed, whether it is humor magazines published today, humor books, or humorous movies and TV. serials, they do not reflect the class character of humor very much. Untouched jokes or scenarios that are completely sexually embellished have been the predominant face of humor.However, these lands represent Nasreddin Hodja’s wit, the Bektashis’ war against religious merchants with a very subtle humor; He saw Bekri Mustafas, İncili Sergeants, Karagöz, Hacivats defeat the exploiting team with their humorous intelligence. Their art cannot be compared with those made in the name of humor today. Neyzen Tevfikler, Süleyman Nazifler, Poet Eşrefler, Aziz Nesinler, Rıfat Ilgazz, Muzaffer İzgüler were raised in these lands. However, the legacy of these masters is being plundered and squandered in their hands by those who roam around for humoring.Our peoples are under the bombardment of the imperialist corrupt culture. Almost all concepts have been frozen on the contrary, not a single value has been left to the human being, and everything has been trampled on. Humor also takes its share from this corruption and moral decay that has been created. Today, a corrupt sexuality, profanity, slang, devaluation and selfishness are being propagated in the name of humor. Tv this. It is possible to see it very clearly in TV series, movies, humor magazines or some novels. These things, which are completely apolitical, are almost caught in our eyes from TVs, movie screens and stages.Of course, today there are those who give the real meaning of humor in their works, or at least try to give it. We exclude them from these circles. Because without their efforts, the field of humor in this country would be left entirely to the sovereigns and their supporters.First of all, we think that it is necessary to know the true meaning of humor and then to take up this business and not to ache in the bones of Karagöz and Hacivats.While our peoples are in so much pain; while the massacres were shaken by earthquakes; There is no point in laughing as if having a hysterical attack at the gags and fake heroes attacking our values, which are abundant in the name of humor today, while they are getting poorer and poorer with each passing day. There is no way to explain this with humor. It’s called leaving our tastes and what we laugh at in the hands of the bourgeoisie.We must not allow it. We must not lose one of the oppressed’s greatest weapons to the bourgeoisie. Now let’s give the word to Karagöz and Haciva once again;”You destroyed the curtain, it’s ruined, let me tell the owner right away…Forgive us if we have stumbled upon…”To read and download the 2nd issue of Pencil Political Cartoon Humor Magazine CLICK

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