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Pencil Political Humor Magazine’s First Issue Has Been Released!

We are also in the field of humor!
Humor is a tool for the oppressed to take revenge on the oppressor!
While imperialism and its collaborator fascist AKP government continue to attack people in every field, we will be against them in the field of humor, we will continue our war in the field of humor and we will definitely win!
Imperialism continues its attack against the people in the field of humor. In today’s conditions where everything is corrupted, it is impossible for humor not to take its share from this attack. The oppressors know very well the power of humor and are afraid of this power. For this reason, they considered it their duty to corrupt humor.
Traditions, customs, social systems and administrations, injustices created by the rulers are the subject of humor and the main criticism material. Humor is precisely for this reason; It has a function in the liberation of the peoples and that keeps the consciousness of being a people, the consciousness of being a human and their aspirations for the future alive, but not only that, but also transforming them and leading them to struggle.
In the vast majority of definitions for humor, it is emphasized that humor is not only a means of humor, but also a means of struggle, a ‘struggle’ used to oppose injustices, advising the masses to be good, truthful and just. div>

This struggle is clearly seen in the oral works, narratives and demonstrations that have emerged in the Anatolian lands until today. From Nasreddin Hodja anecdotes to Keloğlan tales, from Ortaoyun tradition to Meddahs, from Karagöz Hacivat demonstrations, we have a legacy that criticizes cruel governments, tells about opposition to oppression, and makes fun of oppressors, not the people, as is often done today.
Yesterday, as today, the humor of the people disturbed the oppressors. Humor has faced all kinds of pressures, prohibitions and harsh sanctions in every period.
Today, with this attack, humor “artists” have distanced themselves from the public; It has been dragged from a position that criticizes the enemies of the people to an understanding that mocks the public, sees humor almost as if it consists of sexuality and profanity, and tries to create products that will be praised by the government and sold.
No, we do not accept this!
We will blend the legacy of our Anatolian lands, Nasreddin Hodjas, Keloğlans, Hacivat Karagöz with the warmth of our fight for bread and justice, and we will carry it to the hopeful tomorrows we miss!
As of this issue, we will publish our Kurşun Kalem humor magazine every 15 days and bring it together with you, our people…
In today’s conditions, where there is no political humor, everything is corrupted and attacks are increasing, we invite ARTISTS, who will work with us collectively and spend their efforts to raise public awareness, to contribute to our magazine!
“As human beings make dreams come true
then we can build the world anew!”

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