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People of the Front Performed Marching Magazine Distribution and Street Work

In Kuruçeşme on March 15, the people’s fronts were barren, Yenimahalle,In the study, they delivered the magazine to the public in the center, Şenyurt and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods.The magazine was distributed.
People’s front in Kuruçeşme neighborhood on March 23did street work. In street work, most of the people in our neighborhoodWhy is the Newroz event that he wanted to organize the People’s Committee on March?was not celebrated. Our people go to the area where the celebration will be held in our neighborhood that day.1 armored vehicle and 5 soon, plainclothes police officers for about 2 hours.near us, whom they say they keep watch over our boardsWhatever the mentality that destroyed the statue of blacksmith Kawa in Syria at the timeHe said that the mentality that prevents you from celebrating Newroz in our neighborhood is the same.
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