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Police Terror under GBT Control in Okmeydanı Neighborhood

Your Tactics Let the People of Okmeydanı Stop, Trot!

There Was GBT Terrorism Again and Again in Our Neighborhood.

AKP fascism is increasing its pressure and difficult activities on our district. It carries out the ‘public security checks’, which they carried out routinely twice a month, almost every day.

On Monday, May 31, approximately 40 vehicles, including armored civilians, entered our district to carry out terrorist acts. We love the eye of fear.

The Consequences of the Crisis of Governance and the Baron State’s Mind.

The AKP fascism wants to kill two birds with one stone with its terrorist acts with an ‘overcrowded’ convoy, which it has announced as a private security control in our district. Fascism, which wants to suppress and forget its drug dealer identity, which has been revealed through a confessor, with show operations and the GBT terror they have perpetuated, is showing its power to our neighborhood, one of the places where the rebellion will flare up. However, you are covered with paper. Only one stone to be thrown into your rotten system will be the beginning of your end!

The End of This Concept is Frustration

You have come to such a state that no tactic you implement can change the fact that your end has come. You will be defeated! Whatever you do, do it. The organized power of the people has the last word. We believe that revolutionary violence combined with the organized power of the People is invincible.Police Terror under GBT Control in Okmeydanı Neighborhood

Police Terror under GBT Control in Okmeydanı Neighborhood

Let’s Unite, Fight, Defeat Fascism in People’s Assemblies!

Revolution Cleans Up the Filth!

The Patron of Drugs, Get Out of Our Killer Police District!

Okmeydanı People’s Assembly

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