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Political Pressure Continues in Trial of 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in Greece

We Will Not Succumb to Injustice

Athens Bar Association Attended the Trial of 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey as Observer…

Today, it is not the revolutionaries who are tried and convicted in the courtroom, but the hostile attitude of the Greek state, the court and the police. attitude has been.

In the hearing we held on Friday, July 9 (today), our lawyers left the courtroom after declaring that they would not attend the court to protest this situation due to the attack that took place in the courtroom on Thursday, July 8 (yesterday).

Although the court committee did not want to acknowledge our right to speak at the beginning, in the discussions we started at the end of the discussions, the court committee ignored the torture in the courtroom from the very first day, interfered with our lawyers, interrupted our witnesses, tried to close the court to the press, and those who wanted to enter as spectators. We said that we would not succumb to injustice by explaining that we thought that the court committee was biased and that there would not be a fair trial due to its many attitudes, such as the obstruction of our friends and comrades. We declared that if we see that the artists and our lawyers sacrificed their lives to demand a fair trial against the injustice of Turkish fascism, that we will not refrain from paying the price in the face of injustice and that if we see that this attitude of the court does not change, we will start an indefinite hunger strike resistance.

The court committee insisted on continuing the court without a lawyer. He said that everything was in accordance with the law. We said that the measure of justice is not compliance with the law. We told you that fascism also has laws. We said that Hitler had laws, that Mussolini and Turkish fascism had laws. We said we are discussing justice, not compliance with the law. We declared that we would not proceed to the court without our lawyers.

Afterwards, the court board declared that it would continue the trial in an unlawful manner, saying “you can join without a lawyer if you want, or you can’t participate if you want”. After this statement, the court board, who took a break for 10 minutes to think, insisted on continuing the court when they saw that our decision had not changed. We left the courtroom to protest this situation.

The Athens Bar Association official, who attended the court as an observer due to the attacks that took place yesterday, informed the court that they would follow this case and file a criminal complaint. The court board, which had to take a break again, had to postpone the trial until Tuesday, July 13, in the face of our resistance and determination.

It was not the revolutionaries who were tried and convicted in the courtroom today, but the hostile attitude of the Greek state, the court and the police.

This development is the step back of the Greek state in the face of our resistance and ownership of the court and the police. Resistance and solidarity have won. We will win by continuing the resistance and solidarity.

Free Prisoners of Greece

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