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Popular Front New Year’s Fiction: 1 Year of the Fight

We will bring the hope of socialism to power among the peoples of Turkey, in front of the people of the world. We would like to thank our martyrs and prisoners who gifted our resistance. We will definitely gift them the power for which they sacrificed their lives and freedom. For this, we will rely on education, our brains on our ideology, and our hearts on the love of the people and the homeland. With the trigger pulled by our brains, we will continue to organize the armed struggle until we wipe out our last enemy from the face of the earth. , we will make the people fight, we will make the war people! Because we come from Kızıldere. We come from an ideological origin that created a movement that will shake the world again where we disappear. We have been facing ideological destruction attacks since Kızıldere. When imperialism realized that it could not take us over with “either a change of thought or death”, it decided to destroy us physically. The year 2020 was a year in which we also failed this policy and broke the threshold of destruction. The enemy demanded complete surrender. uzlaşmadık.b the ideology of light, we HAIR HOPE YENİLMEZ! NEXT TASK THIS iS iT! We DO with THIS PEOPLE ORGANIZED POWER! tHE PEOPLE ORGANIZED POWER wITH tHE UNITED REVOLUTIONARY VIOLENCE YENİLMEZ! tHE POWER oF tHE PEOPLE, PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY AND PUBLIC militias! will ORGANIZES tHE POWER oF tHE PEOPLE with PUBLIC ASSEMBLY; our KOÇYİĞİT, eNEMY will HIT! pEOPLES OUR PARLIAMENTS ARE OUR STRENGTH AND THE PEOPLE’S MILITIES ARE OUR WEAPONS! WE WILL BE OURS IN 2021 AND WE WILL KEEP HOPE INDEED! OUR COMMITTEES, OUR FRIENDS, OUR PEOPLE! WITH THIS FAITH, WITH THIS RESOLUTION, WITH THIS HOPE, WE WILL GET TOGETHER WITH OUR NEW OBJECTIVE TOGETHER, AS WE ENTER THE YEAR 2021.


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