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Popular Front Statement: It is AKP Fascism that sold our homeland and burned our forests

Our country has been burning with forest fires for a week. For a week, traitors have set fire to our forests from all sides. Forest fires occurred at 150 different points in 32 provinces.

Forest is defined in dictionaries: It is a land ecosystem consisting of various trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fungi, microorganisms, insects and animals of a certain height and size, generally formed naturally in the soil area. .It takes at least 100 years for a forest to form.

29% of Turkey is covered with forests. These areas are getting smaller and drier with each passing year.

However, our topic today is an organized and deliberate attack on our homeland. Is there an explanation for the fires in 32 provinces at 150 different points

? Where and in what period of history has it been seen?

Such an event can only take place under the rule of AKP fascism. They started fires at 150 different points without hesitation

without hesitation. They did not openly intervene in the fires. They decided to ‘open the burning forest areas to tourism’, as if admitting that they started the fires by themselves


98% of forest fires are caused by humans, but AKP fascism is determined to increase this statistic to 100%.

Our homeland burned for days, people were killed in fires, our houses and animals were burned. Our people were left homeless and penniless. The people spend the night under the roof of their houses that were burned on the mattresses they could save. Their homes,

their loved ones were burned. The AKP is responsible, the murderer is the AKP.


If we list this under headings:

1-They start the fires themselves.


2-To turn forests into a snow gate, to open up zoning for the construction of hotels, villas and mansions

3-Because the tender for responding to fires was given to a private company

The most important thing is:

4-By destroying the forested areas of Turkey, to take the front of our people’s liberation struggle, which is expected to develop in the countryside

, and to open the forested areas to control.< /p>

We know that AKP fascism started the forest fires deliberately. They are not the actions of the PKK or

HBDH as claimed. With the Tourism Incentive Law, which was changed on July 18, before the fires started in 150 different points and all over the country, even if they are outside the “culture and tourism development areas

, forest lands can be taken under the scope of public interest.

to tourism investors’ and “areas such as pastures, pastures and plateaus will be transformed into tourism facilities.” On July 18

the law was changed, and on July 28 the forests had already begun to burn. That’s why we say

the one who stole the minaret prepares its cover, the AKP started the fires and did not intervene consciously


As it does in all matters, the AKP went to privatization in its authority to intervene in fires, and it did not deal with fires.

opened the intervention to tender in 2019. Together they burned our forests and did not extinguish it. Because the longer the fire continued and the more hours the “firefighting” lasted, the more money the company would get.

So, “The more it burns, the more we pay.” they say. The contract with the company, on the other hand, has to give a certain amount of money to the company even if a fire breaks out

it doesn’t. In other words, they burn, destroy, and loot with what they stole from us. Then they open the burning forests with what they stole from us, and they want us to buy a house from TOKI

. The AKP’s Gündoğmuş Municipality

President Mehmet Özeren of Antalya, one of the provinces that suffered the most from the fires, said, “Toki will construct a paid house for 20 years for our citizens whose houses have become unusable; Those who have very old houses will say, “I wish our house had burned down,” he said. This whole

confessed how organized this scenario was from the bottom to the top.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Bekir Pakdemirli, said, “We are making adequate response to the fires”

he made fun of our people and admitted that they didn’t even have a fire extinguisher.

The Governor of Dersim (Tunceli) warned our people who wanted to intervene in the fire that “it is forbidden to approach the forest”

and made the fires grow. .

Everything is clear as daylight. This is not a disaster, it is a massacre. Thousands of hectares of our forest were burned, 9 of our people were killed in the fire. We will not tolerate this, every inch of our homeland is ours, we will demand an account of all the pain you have caused our homeland



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