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Public School 31st issue is out

“They Didn’t Dress Us In Robes
But we
We Made Our Lives in Robes!”
People’s Lawyers
The Righteous Demands of the Death Fast Resistance
With 756 Lawyers Petitions From 20 Countries,
With 11 Bin 631 Signatures from 46 Countries
Adopted, Demanded Justice!
To Download the 31st Issue of Public School Click…
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* People’s Justice Warriors, People’s Advocates, For JusticeOn Death Fast!
* People’s Advocates of Freedom of Defense CoordinationEbru and Aytaç Launched the Signature Campaign 11,631 from 46 Countries in 10 DaysPerson Joined!
* Colleagues, Injustices in the Ombudsperson’s CaseTold! People’s Advocates Against This Unlawfulness Are On Death Fast!
* Expelled Public Workers and Insurgents, People’s AdvocatesIt tells…
* State Mustafa Koçak; His Crimes In The Prosecutor Case AndHow They Tried By Creating Slanderous Confessions By Resisting To The DeathMurdered for Exposing to the Whole World! 73 Wounds Inflicted on Mustafa’s Body, To Be AskedIt is our account!
* From US Imperialism to Turkish Oligarchy; Judicial FascismHe is the Emir! Forced Intervention is Peoples Retrieval Tool!
* From Free Prisoners… From People’s Prisoner’s Advocate Oya Aslan to Lawyers;On the Right to Life
* Why We Should Resist: Let’s Weaponize Our Hunger, Let UsLet’s Organize Against the Starving!
* Art for the People and the Artist: Artist Till VictoryResist!
* History of Resistances in Anatolia: Gültepe Resistance Part 1
* From the School of Life: Organizing People to Bourgeois IdeologyAgainst Strength
* FARC’s “Peace” Brought Massacre, Not Peace! imperialismTo the peoples
Against Organized Attacks, With the Organized Armed Force of the PeopleQuitting is a Must!
* War and Us: Justice Warrior, Daring and Determined
* News from Our Country…
* Public School in Europe…

* No Death to Us

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