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Public School 37th issue is out

Public School 37th Issue Is OutNew-ColonialThe Persistent Persecution of Fascism and State Injustice by Revolutionaries of a CountryFor Justice, Rights and Freedoms for the Suffered People Must Resist to DeathIt’s a Mission! Because We Resist;*The neo-colonial policies of imperialism will not yield results in our country!*It will not be able to isolate and isolate the revolutionaries from the people, but will be destroyed by terrorizing them.they won’t be able to!* AnatoliaThe tradition of not surrendering to persecution, resistance and victory continues with us…LONG LONG LONG FAST RESISTANCE!

Owner and Editor-in-Chief: İrfanYILMAZ
Address: Hobyar Mah. Cemal Nadir Sok. BigMilas Han, No:24 İçkapı No:220 Fatih/İSTANBUL
Offset Preparation: Ozan Publishing
Address: Zübeyde Hanım Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad.1297. Sokak No: 1 Apartment: 1 Sultangazi / İSTANBUL
Mail: < a href=””>kanattan2@gmail.comTel: (0212) 419 31 96 ISSN: 2687-4075
Print: Kalmak Offset Printing CenturyNeighborhood Massit, Printing and Amb. Singing. site 5. Cad, No-7 Bagcilar / İSTANBUL
Issue: 37< /span>
Date: 26 July 2020

Contents* 4Imperialism Will Not Succeed; Because We Exist!* 14 ÖzgürCaptivity is Living Organized! Organizing Inside And Outside At The Same Time! noneTo Produce Non-stop is to Carry Out the Resistance with 625 Letters from a Single Cell!* 16One of Us… The Letter of Justice Warrior Didem Akman and About the Resistance…* 18 Call:Ebru and Aytaç were not given a fair trial!* 19From the Press: Two Lawyers on Death Fast for Their Most Fundamental Rights!* 23From the Press: Ebru Timtik’s Lawyer Several Ballıkaya, Lawlessness in the HHB Fileand Talks about Lawyers in the Resistance* 26 in AnatoliaHistory of Resistances: Dersim-Pertek Resistance* 29 HayatFrom The School: A Spray A Letter A Human* 30 War andWe: We Will Grow Our Hope, Our War With Class Hatred!* 32Revolutionism: Being Planned!* 33 From the pastThe Right to Resist Today and the History of the Hunger Strike-Death Fast Resistance: Chapter 10* 37 ReasonsWe must resist: 25 Health + 2 Barrier = No Justice* 39 FolkArt and Artist for: “Our Songs Must Take to the Wind” Fascism GroupHe Wants To Leave The Art Of Commentary Unfounded. Detaching Music from Its Ideological OriginsWants! They will fail* 42News…* 44News from Europe* 46 UsNo Death…

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