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Public School 43rd Issue Is Out

Public School’s 43rd Issue Has Been Released
Lawyer of the People’s Law Office EBRU TIMTİK IS IMMORTAL
Ebru Speaks the Last Word Ebru Lives Defense Fights JusticeOur War Is Growing Because There Are Ebrus In Anatolia Because There Are Those Who Resist…
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* Ebru Spoken the Last Word Ebru is AliveDefense is Fighting Our War for Justice is Growing Because There Are Marblings in Anatolia Because Those Who ResistYes…
* Voice to Justice Halka Nefes Ebru Timtik is Immortal! of the peopleLaw Firm Attorney Ebru Will Live In The Struggle For Justice Of All Peoples Of The World!
* Lawyer Ebru Timtik, Martyr for the Right to a Fair TrialIt’s down! Those Who Killed Ebru, Those Who Didn’t Release Her And Those Who Didn’t Accept Their Rightful Demands!
* One of the Murderers of People’s Law Office’s Attorney Ebru TimtikSolomon Suleiman; Istanbul Bar Association and People’s Lawyers to Conceal His CrimeTargeted
* Attorney Aytaç Ünsal on Death Fast to Minister SoyluCalled out:…
* Message from Aytaç Ünsal for the September 1st Judicial Year Opening…
* Aytaç Ünsal: Heroic Costs?
* HHB International Bureau: “To All Our Colleagues, Bar Associations,Our Call to Law and Human Rights Organizations:..
* ÇHD: Süleyman Soylu, Abdülhamit Gül and Other ReactionariesOur Statement on the Attack of the Cuts on Our Marbling…
* From the press: We are mourning; “Mavra Shop” is Closed Today
* From the Press: Those Who Close the Case of a Rapist, A Young LawyerThey Opened His Grave
* From the Press: Ebru Timtik Died For You, Too
* Revolutionism: The Nature of Revolution is Sacrifice
* Right to Resistance from Past to Present and Hunger Strike-Death FastHistory of Resistance: Chapter 14
* What Happened to the Galata Tower, History of the Fascist AKP GovernmentIt Is An Indicator Of His Enmity To The Artifacts
* SS Troops Couldn’t Rescue Hitler Reinforcement Ready ForceDirectorate will not be able to save AKP!
* News
* News from Europe
* No Death to Us
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