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Public School Magazine 24th Issue Is Out!

IADL Representing 90 Countries CCBE Representing 45 Countries From Turkey39 Bar Association USA, UK, Canada,
From Italy, Catalonia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, GreeceLawyers Law Organizations Demand Freedom and Justice for People’s Lawyers!
“Our Dear People; I am personally committed to the legal profession.I didn’t start because of my mind, my individual talents. None of us are such lawyers.We did not become…thanks to which we can use it. Therefore, if we were able to become lawyers, our people andthanks to our homeland.
This is reality. And every intellectual who has taken these professionsIt owes itself to the people and the country. I am also in debt. One thing we must doIt is a duty.”
Death Fast Insurgent, People’s Advocate AYTAÇ ÜNSAL
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p>Public School Magazine 24th Issue Is Out!

Let’s read and teach the Public School to increase our fight!
To reach our Public School magazine and books, OzanYou can contact the publishing.
Ozan Publishing Phone: (0-212) 536 93 44-45
Weekly Magazine / Issue: 21
26 April 2020
Price: 1 TL (including VAT)
* Helin Bölek is the Immortal Song of the Peoples of the World!
* From Aytaç Ünsal, Ombudsperson of the Death Fast ResistanceAddressing Our People and Lawyers
* His Comrades Helin, His Resistance and His Funeral
* 500 Years Ago Pir Sultan Today Helin Bölek
* Forced Intervention is Murder Chapter 3: The State’sIllegitimate The Child with Snot Evacuation to the Çakıcılar PublicChildren Torture, Forced Intervention…
* We are in Taksim on May 1!
* HHB: Our Group Comment Client Clients on Death Fastİbrahim Gökçek And Helin Bölek Have Been Kidnapped By Police Raid Their House!
*From the press: “Group COMMENT; Turkey’s most successfulone of his musical realities. A collective…”
* Death Fast Martyrs Zehra and Canan KulaksızFather Ahmet Kulaksız: Freedom for Grup Yorum
* Online for Group Comment and Mustafa KoçakThe International Solidarity Conference and the Action were Watched by 11 Thousand People
* We Have Been Supporting the Liberation Struggle of the Peoples of the World for 50 Years!We are Expanding the War of Liberation of the Peoples of the World from Kızıldere to the Present! Chapter-4
* In the Name of the Oligarchy, From the Mouth of Tayyip ErdoğanThe Biggest Crises He Experienced Confessed: Mehmet Selim Kiraz, Prosecutor of the Berkin CaseActionKilling of Russian Ambassador Karlov 6-8 October Trench
* Country News…
* Public School in Europe…
* No Death to Us
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