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Public School Magazine 28th Issue Is Out

Making decisions with lies, ignoring real evidence,Decisions by putting pressure on the court with comments written on twitterAKP fascism, which has had it removed, cannot provide justice to the people!
– Prosecutor and MIT hand in hand, slanderer with threats and blackmailConfessions created. Self-made lies to dishonest confessorsHe had it signed and presented to the court as “evidence”!
– Robed executioner at the behest of fascism Akın Gürlek, AKP’sHe arrested the people’s lawyers on his orders. Except for the liesThey were released because there was not a single piece of evidence to substantiate the allegations. 10 hoursthen they were arrested again!
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Let’s read and teach the Public School to increase our fight!
To reach our Public School magazine and books, OzanYou can contact the publishing.
Ozan Publishing Phone: (0-212) 536 93 44-45
Weekly Magazine / Issue: 28
24 May 2020
Price: 1 TL (including VAT)
* Grup Yorum Workers Writing the Manifesto of Revolutionary Art
Immortal Song Helin Bölek and Starry Heart İbrahim GökçekIt is immortal!
* Our tombs;Our Traditions, Our Values, Our History, Our Heritage, Our Future! In all circumstancesWe will own it!
* Our people; Interfering with Court Orders with a Message,Justice from the Courts Sentencing Hundreds of Years by Creating Slanderous ConfessorDon’t wait! Justice for the People Will Not Come from the Judgment of Fascism!
* There is No Justice for the People in the Law of Fascism: The Soma MassacreHis cause is the Mirror of Fascism!
* Right to Resistance from Past to Present and Hunger Strike-Death FastHistory of the Resistance, Part 2
* Why We Should Resist: Wolves Open İbrahim Gökçek’s GraveIt’s Legitimate to Fight Against Fascism, Which Wants to Dig and Burn His BodyRequired!
* Internationalism is the Blood Brotherhood of the Peoples of the World! ThisBrotherhood Needs More Today Than Yesterday; Because “Internationalism,It is the People’s Safest Refuge” (Lenin)
* History of Resistances in Anatolia: Kağıthane Resistance-JusticeLightning (Part 1)
* From the Press: “Justice Fasting”
* Colleague Atty. Nusret Gürgöz, People’s Resistance AdvocateEbru Told Timtik
* Dismissed for Tweeting About İbrahim GökçekJudge Ayşe Sarısu Pehlivan: “There Is No Allegiance In My Culture”
* News from Our Country…
* Public School in Europe…
* No Death to Us
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