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Public School Magazine 41st Issue Is Out

Cost to the Public for Every 10-Cent Increase in Dollar 43Billion Lira… For Satisfaction of Imperialist Masters
* Killed 301 miners in one night and orphaned 432 childrenthey left
* They killed our people 25 times in Çorlu and 34 times in Roboski
* They turned the streets and squares into torture chambers
* They continue to make F-type isolation cells
* Berkin Elvan, Hasan Ferit, Uğur Kaymaz, Mahsun,
They killed Yılmaz, Dilek, İnanç, Günay, Sıla…
* Imprisoning journalists,
* Banning concerts to Grup Yorum
* They sentence the People’s Advocates to 159 years in prison
10 Cents In Our Pocket To 43 Billion In Their PocketNot to be transformed, so that our homeland is independent and our peoples are free
* 10 Kurus Increase in Foreign Exchange Means 43 Billion TL DebtThe Law of the People They Are Trying To Destroy So That This Truth Is ComingThey will not be able to deliver their lawyers!
* Joint Statement by Bar Associations “Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal AdliHe Should Be Released Immediately In Accordance With The Medical Institution Report”
* Why We Should Resist: They Killed My Son I Want Justice!
* Art and Artist for the People: Grup Yorum, with its Songs,Brings Hope to the Peoples with its Resistance!
* One of Us: Dev-Gençli, Mass Work in All ConditionsSustain
* From the School of Life: We will not give up the program!
* War and Us: A Warrior, a Lawyer, and Growth
* Imperialism, Its Exploitation of Syria by the Kurdish Nationalist MovementTrying to Legitimate and Persist with
* The New Position of the People’s Lawyers: People’s Law OfficeInternational Bureau Opened!
* Revolutionism: Revolutionaries Are Not Helpless!
* History of Resistances in Anatolia: Tokat Rainy Resistance
* We Are Workers, We Are Right, We Will Win: Under the Wheels of ExploitationThe Only Emancipation of the Oppressed Workers and Toilers is to Organize and Workers’ AssembliesIt’s Fighting!
* News
* News from Europe
* No Death to Us

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