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Public School Magazine 46th Issue Is Out

Helin, Mustafa, Immortalized by the Demand for Justice for the People,With the indigestion of the victory we won with İbrahim, Ebru and Aytaç, Özgür, DidemThe Attacking Fascist AKP Cannot Overshadow Our Victory, It Cannot End Our Struggle for Justice!

The 16th Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court 10 Hours After ReleasedRe-Arrested

Upheld the Sentences of the People’s Lawyers!

Detained After Release, Sadık Eroğlu, ÜmitIlter, Emel Yesilirmak; Arrested Again After 6 Hours!

We Want Justice, We Will Get It!


* We Want Justice, If You Don’t Give It, We Will Take It By Force!

* Revolutionary Lawyers Cannot Be Taken! Given by the Supreme CourtDecisions are void!

* European Humanity in the Fake Justice Institutions of ImperialismDon’t Expect Justice in Human Rights Courts!

* Why We Should Resist: Home of Lovers and Poets in AnatoliaSo Musicians Don’t Suicide…

* Revolutionism: Necessity

* From the Free Prisoners Front: Free Prisoners, People’sGreets Justice Warriors with Hunger…

* People’s Resistance Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, People’s Law OfficeThe Pressures on them, Why They Do a Death Fast, Comrade Justice HevalHe Talked About Ebru And How They Won The Victory

* Interview: With Those Who Attended Heval Ebru’s FuneralPublishing Our Interview

* Interview: “Injustices in Our Country andIt is not even a question for us to remain silent in the face of unlawfulness”

* Long Walk Photo Novel in Europe

* Justice Warrior Didem Akman, A Death Fast Resistance fighterContinuing to Produce Continually!

* Art and Artist for the People: Our Art is Revolutionary,It Does Not Fit In The Molds!

* War and Us: To Ourselves, Our People, Our Comrades,We are fighting with confidence in our organization!

* New Composition by Grup Yorum: Shirt of Fire

* Aggravated Life Imprisonment for Children of the People ZindaştiLike Drug Barons, Perverts, Massacre Cops Not ArrestedJudgment…

* News…

* Public School in Europe

* No Death to Us

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