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Public School Magazine Description: Public School Magazine Cannot Be Silenced

The just and legitimate person, institution, thought everywhere, with their foreheads upright, tells their thoughts, their righteousness, and shouts. It does not resort to lies, oppression and threats to others. He does not resort to lies, pressure, threats, or to silence his opponent with his power. It doesn’t need anything like that. Because it has a concrete justification against the reality of life. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL DOES THIS.

Well, what do you call fascism, who resorts to lies, slander, slander, slander, reflecting the non-existent as if they have happened, using their power to intimidate and intimidate their opponents by deceit and dishonesty, and resorting to massacre and imprisonment when they are not successful? There is nothing that capitalism will not do for three hundred percent profit. There is nothing the AKP will not do in order not to lose its power. While explaining that the September 12 constitution was a fascist constitution for years, the AKP with more reactionary and fascist laws than the September 12 constitution, which has not been left untouched today, has nothing to do with the Socialist, revolutionary, the voice of the people, and the Journal of the People’s School, the media organ of the revolutionaries’ struggle. After the last raid on the technical office of the magazine on March 10, 2021, whatever printing house was contacted in Istanbul for the printing of the magazine, the AKP’s police prevented our publication from being published by going to the MIT and telling lies about us, using full mafia methods and threatening. Fascism is the enemy of the people. He is an enemy to the country. While making capitalism and notables more fat in the pandemic process with the money of the people, it has caused our people, the shopkeepers, who live in poverty, to become more and more impoverished. Here, a small printing house that brought bread to his house with his job accepted the publication of our magazine. As in other printing houses, they started to threaten him as soon as his name appeared on the tag of our magazine. They wanted to intimidate with imprisonment. After the owner of the printing house said that he would print it even if he was in prison, in order not to make his children go hungry and to earn a living, this time they put pressure on our readers who went to prepare our magazine for the printing house. Lastly, YılmazViraner, who went to prepare the 89 issue of the Public School Magazine, was taken into custody, while 2500 of our magazines were confiscated because they were told that they had “contained”. Today, when law and the police have become a threat and a tool of pressure on behalf of the government, it is just as easy to get a warrant for our magazine to be recalled by a prosecutor. Whether the righteous or the legitimate do these things or not. The fascist AKP, which they do not sell, pollute, leave no room for, and try to make a profit even from the fly, destroying, silencing, intimidating those who resist all the means of the state for the right and the legitimate, for the right and justice. We are right, we are legitimate and we will not remain silent. Our aim and goal is to carry the awareness of getting rights to the farthest corner of the country, to be the voice and power of the right and the resister and to stand by them. And we will be…

Public School Magazine Cannot Be Silenced!

The Revolutionary Press Cannot Be Silenced!

Hand Off Pressure and Threats From Printing Houses!

Yılmaz Viraner Free Let it be released!

Return the Confiscated Public School Magazines!

The People Are Right We Will Win!

The Public School Magazine

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