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Public School Magazine Statement: İbrahim Arslanhan is Immortal

Syriaİbrahim Arslanhan from People’s Front Revolutionary People’s Forces on the morning of 23 July 2020He passed away with a heart attack. Ibrahim Arslanhan Harbiye – YayladagBorn in Turfanda Village, between RevolutionHe will be remembered for his efforts and the price he paid for it.
Respiratoryİbrahim Arslanhan, who died of a heart attack due to heart failure, is 30.He was buried in Syria in July 2020.
Ibrahim Arslanhan’s We Will Keep His Memory Alive!
RevolutionThe effort given, the price paid, are the pages and lines of our magazine.between. They are not just stories, lifetimes for the revolution,are lives. Keeping them alive is not just with our words, but with the flow of life.It is our duty to keep them alive in practice. against imperialism and fascism.we will keep Ibrahim alive in the struggle!
Down with Imperialism, Long Live PeoplesChallenge!
İbrahim Arslanhan is Immortal!
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