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Resistance Assembly: Fascism is Killing Our People

Fascism Is Killing Our People!

Fascism Refutes Everything About Humanity!

Fascism is Once Again Killing Mothers in This Country in Front of Their Children!

On January 10, 2020, in Hatay Samandağ, Uzun 70-year-old Edibe Özçelik, who got worse in the face of the tortured attitude of the police in the house raid carried out with barrel guns, was killed by the police after not calling an ambulance.

Why was this house raid done? Why was the house of 70-year-old Edibe Özçelik raided while the houses where drug gangs, mafias, murderers, murderers of the children of the people, torturers and rapists lived were not printed? Because Edibe Özçelik’s house was raided only because he worked for the People’s Assembly in Hatay-Samandağ, defended his neighborhood against corruption, and wanted to clean up the dirt and filth of capitalism with revolutionary policies. Because his son Ümit Özçelik wanted these people and their children not to rot and their brains not to be taken with drugs. He was experiencing together with the people that they could solve the problems of the people as a people. Because of their intolerance to this, they came brutally to their home one night. They came with long-barreled guns in their hands and broke their doors. They put their long-barreled guns on their children’s heads, threatened them with murder, and Edibe Ana, 70, who could not stand it, fell ill. He was having a heart attack. The murderous cops withheld even a glass of water from him. By delaying the ambulance’s call, they murdered Mother Edibe.

This is the culture of fascism. They don’t know what human dignity means. They don’t know how to treat a mother. What they carry is not the heart, nor the slightest human beauty remained in them. They are stare. They are just as Hasan Hüseyin Korkmazgil describes in his poem;

“They didn’t crawl behind the doors

they weren’t cradled in the snow type

they were ugly

they were scared

they were without tomorrow

” they came, pushed

entered with a startle

darkened our night

They bit us in the dark

they blew our song

they broke our flowering branches

they spit into our bread

they hurt our pain

they hurt the homeland the homeland

they hurt the world the world

and they left”

They went to Edibe Özçelik’s house like this, but they couldn’t take the blame and leave. Because his son Ümit Özçelik and his daughter Filiz Özçelik started the Justice Watch. They hold accountable the murderers every day. They are condemning them in the eyes of the people.

We, the Council of Resistances, are always with their resistance, which is approaching 500 days. Their demand for justice is also our demand. We will fight until Edibe Özçelik’s killers are brought to justice.

If you think that you can hide your crimes with the fascism you want to legalize, you are wrong. We will never forget their crimes and we will not make them forget. We will face your fascism that you want to legalize with our resistance.,

You will not be able to defeat the Organized Power of the People!

We Want Justice, We Will Get It!

Let Edibe Özçelik’s Murderers Be Tried!< /p>

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!,

Resistances Assembly

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