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Resisting Worker Turan Aktaş carried out a chain action in front of Şişli Municipality.


CHAIN ​​AND PANEL ASTI.Resisting Worker Turan Aktaş carried out a chain action in front of Şişli Municipality.

Resisted for 530 days, snow, winter, cold, warmhe didn’t say. With persistence and determination, in the field of action and in various

continued its resistance in the fields. Turan Aktascontinues his victory march.

530 days into action area more than usual differentwent to perform an action. Resistances

With Hüseyin Kütük from the Assembly previouslyThey went towards the terrace of the municipality, which he designated.

Go out onto the terrace without being seen by the security guardsHe put on his apron first. Then on ‘CHP worker

give up your hostility I Want My Job Back-A large banner with the inscription ‘Turan Aktaş’ was taken from the terrace

sang it down. Turan Aktaswrapping the chain he brought with him and wrapping a suitable

locked on the ground. And then with slogansThey began to swell the area. Friends of the resistance are also in the municipality

with its slogans from the area oppositethey supported. Security guards hang on the terrace of the municipality

The banner with

only with the rise of sloganswas able to notice. Hurriedly next to Turan Aktaş

running guards interfered in the action.Turan Aktaş and Hüseyin Kütük from the banner

safetys banner that drag-outgathered Turan Aktaş and Hüseyin Kütük to the police

reported to the police. Meanwhile outsidefriends of the resistance enter the municipality and say ‘to meet with the president

we want’ began to insist. surprise of actionliving officials can only stutter

they could say there is no president. TwoIt is alarming to take action at the same time

had dropped them. May 19 actionsWhile the effect still continues, the banner action is patron

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Security guards report resisters to policeDelivered. Şişli police chief also came. Insurgents

dragged them onto the detention tool.Insurgents after the hospital and police station operations

were released. Back to the resistance zoneTuran Aktaş, who went and shared the video, said:

‘I’ll take my work out, my wife’s spilledI will ask for the account of the tears, by taking back my job

I will ask’

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In our conversation with Turan Aktaştold how they did it:

‘We set out with friend HuseyinWe arrived in front of the municipality. A

there is a ramp leading to the terrace. From there we went up the ramp,from the blind spot of the security booth

. Security at the cottagealthough we did not appear to him. It’s like going on a picnic

waving the president’s armWe went up to the terrace. There is my apron at ease

I wore

. We hung the banner together, the chainI tied myself. Place the other end of the chain in a weak hook

it turned out quickly because I was able to connect it. The followingWe made the action by shouting slogans with our friends.

The whole building listened to the voice of our slogans ,They came out to watch us from the upper terrace. Security is a

after some time they realized that our therewe are. They came for intervention and security

manager, ‘how do you come here? unseen to security“Are you out?” he asked. ‘The following security

I’ll keep a report for the officer,’ he said. Me tooI warned the security manager. The following security

person has no responsibility,I told him we went upstairs without being seen. And

I harshly warned the principal securityso that the officer does not keep a record. Because our

to get her fired under the pretext of our actionwe didn’t want One of the security guards said to the manager ‘I am the manager

they printed it down there too there is,They fixed it so that we will meet with the president, ‘he said. Normally

we did not have such a program. to support usOur friends took action for the municipality


< /p>

Sisli, who is too busy to detain usThe Police Chief was also there. that he will send his police

he came, Muammer Keskin’ i personallyhad owned. They couldn’t drag us, because the people were there.

They took it quickly in the air and put it in the car.

Fire, ambulance, police. Almost all statethey built their institutions there. Hospital and police station

took 5 hours. action afterWe went to the area and made our discourse.’

Turan Aktaş continues his actions with determinationit does. Workers with whom we can talk after the action

we share their response with you:

Workers reaction:

‘Brother Turan, his man ( Muammer Keskin) miserableyou’ve thoroughly’

‘Good luck Turan brother’

‘Good luck, well done, today to you tomorrow to me’

‘Turan brother Istanbul again’ you got u up!’

Until Turan Aktaş gets his work done to resistto be continued. The anti-worker Muammer Keskin is now

will look for a loophole. resistance in Şişli andthe epic of victory will be written.





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