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Revolutionary Workers’ Movement Description

Labor is a Progressive Resistance!

A Resistance Growing Step by Step!

Turan Aktaş, a Laborer who has been defending his work for 600 days without saying summer and winter

Muammer Keskin, Mayor of the CHP who is Hostile to Workers!

It is a Historical Reality: Against a Determined and Faithful Resistance, Turan Will Be the Winner

The Loser Will Be the Boss CHP and Muammer Keskin will be the Mayor!

“Wherever you are,Revolutionary Workers' Movement Description

Inside, outside, in class, on the bench,

Walk on,

Spit in your face, the executioner,< /p>

An opportunist, mischief-maker, benevolent…”

A resistance that has lasted for 600 days, and Turan AKTAŞ, who has been resisting for 600 days for his job, bread and honor, in this resistance

like every resistance He was attacked many times, offered to bribe him to give up. So why? Let’s sayRevolutionary Workers' Movement Description

so that another resistance won’t win on behalf of the working class.

Every resistance scares the bosses, every victory won on behalf of the working class encourages the working class.

We have written many times in our statements so far, the cases won by Turan Aktaş are precedents for hundreds of workers

. Due to the precedent nature of these cases, Şişli Municipality, which is the boss municipality, and its president Muammer KESKIN, insist on not implementing these decisions. with lies

it does nothing but deceive all our working people. Because

He tried to get him to buy the so-called journalist-televisionist remnants of the resistance, which lasted for 600 days in Şişli Municipality, by sending a blank check to Turan Aktaş to end the resistance. The resistance, which cannot be bought in this wayRevolutionary Workers' Movement Description

, has unleashed the bosses and the enemies of the workers in the protests that have been held in the last week

when these were not enough, he tortured the workers by unleashing the municipal police on the resisting workers.

Muammer KESKIN, we will meet you everywhere; Until we get back to our work!

If you want to end this resistance, you have to return to the work that the resistance deserves!

Participating in the “My Budget” meetings organized by Şişli Municipality in Maçka Park

Turan AKTAŞ and his friends were attacked by Savaş DOĞAN and his gang, who won the position of chief and director in the municipality by betraying the boss and the workers. It’s the traitors of the working class to be tempted like thisRevolutionary Workers' Movement Description

to their bosses. In response to these attacks, the workers shouted that they defended their work and that this resistance would not end without them. Savaş DOĞAN and his gang responded with attacks and curses. He said that he sent a worker to a revolutionary organization by himself

to excuse these insults and curses, even though he was an enemy and said this to his face, and said that “resistance workers insulted and cursed him”. >

tried to distort.

The facts are; It is Savaş Doğan who commits blasphemy and insults. It is he who threatens with hand gestures. And

sooner or later it will give account to the resisting workers. Being anti-worker and snooping

of course there must be an account, if he does not respect labor, of course the workers will be held accountable for this andRevolutionary Workers' Movement Description

anywhere that Savaş Doğan is a boss, a treacherous anti-worker. he will shout. If he has a face

he will not be able to go out in public.

Workers resisting at the ongoing “My Budget” meetings in the neighborhoods of Şişli Municipality

in order to be able to make their voices heard, this time in Eskişehir Mahallesi. They went to Lalezar Park. This time, the extent of the attack

was carried further, and the insurgents were attacked by the Police.

The police of Şişli took up the police, but we don’t know about it! What does it mean to attack workers who are workers like you and have been firedRevolutionary Workers' Movement Description

whatever the order comes from, you are not a law enforcement officer.

You cannot attack, torture, and should not do it. Give it up.

Our real word is to Muammer Keskin. Stop making the worker hurt the worker, the worker against the worker. These

lands have seen many Croesus like you, and all of them have taken their place in the dustbin of history. You will be one of them

. But while the road is near, give up these immoral games, get the dismissed workers back to work, neither the anti-worker traitors you recruited, nor the bribes you put on us, nor the attacks of the police officers under your command

. can’t finish. The right of this resistance is the reemployment of workers andRevolutionary Workers' Movement Description

there are no other conditions. Otherwise, you will risk confronting us everywhere, you will become inaccessible

. We will tell the hostility towards the worker, everywhere, in every neighborhood, in every street

. We will continue to talk about you and the CHP’s anti-people policies.

We are workers, we are right, we will win!

Take Turan Aktaş Back to Work!

Reemploy Dismissed Workers!< /p>


Revolutionary Workers’ Movement

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