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Second Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – About the NATO Summit

Second Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – About the NATO Summit

NATO, at its last summit, announced that it would attack again to consolidate its dominance in the world under the leadership of American imperialism, and declared war on the peoples of the world again!

We, on the other hand, continue to unite the peoples of the world resolutely. We will be! At the summit, attended by 30 state and government leaders, including President Erdoğan, the road map that NATO will follow in the next 10 years was determined. THIS “ROADMAP” MEANS A FULL DECLARATION OF WAR TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! In order to consolidate the dominance of the US imperialism, which is the archenemy of the peoples of the world, over the world, it was decided that an aggressive policy would be pursued against the powers that will be restored, namely, countries such as Russia and China; It was said in the final statement that a “new strategy” for China would be determined. In this direction, NATO countries will increase their military expenditures in the next three budgets, gaining “technological superiority”, establishing stronger partnerships in distant regions such as Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Latin America, training the Ukrainian and Georgian security forces, increasing efficiency in cyberspace and space, and NATO’s achievements in a year. The creation of a “new strategic concept” was stated. All This Shows That American Imperialism Is Already Making Preparations For A New Offensive Around The World!

Today, a substantial portion of the “left” claims that “imperialism has now changed, democratized” and even openly cooperates with imperialism like the PKK. . We, the peoples of the world, know very well such “new concepts” of imperialism. In the process that started with the “new world order” of American imperialism, 1.2 million people were murdered in Iraq, the torture inflicted by the American army and intelligence agency in Abu Ghraib prison with inhuman brutality, sexual rape and there. We know him very well from the murders he committed, our 14-year-old daughter who was raped and burned in Mahmudiye, Abir and her family who was shot, more than 30 thousand civilians killed in Afghanistan, more than 1 million civilians who died as a result of the American imperialism’s attempt to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. The preparation of American imperialism for an offensive with the election of Biden is the harbinger of new massacres. In the face of this picture, we are very curious how and in what sense imperialism, which has murdered millions of people only in the last 20 years, has become “democratized”. The theory of “democratic imperialism” is essentially an excuse used by the reformist and opportunist left to justify their own capitulations. However, today, everyone who refuses to fight against imperialism and advocates for “reconciliation” with imperialism should be aware that the peoples of the world are left defenseless and alone in the face of imperialist massacres, oppression, and starvation, and should be able to shoulder this betrayal in front of history. We Turkish Marxist-Leninists, on the other hand, have shown once again that we will never surrender to imperialism, and that we will continue the war until victory, by losing 4 martyrs in our death fast resistance and losing our Mustafa, Helin, Ebru and İbrahim in 2020.

Heirs of Our Martyrs. Today, we will continue to shout the slogan “There is no passage, there is a rebellion against imperialism” and unite the peoples of the world against our common enemy, US imperialism!

Today, our homeland Turkey is a new colony of American imperialism. In this context, it was decided that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) would continue the invasion at the NATO summit by order of the USA, while the military units of other countries were leaving Afghanistan. In other words, while the American soldiers return to their homes, the children of our people will probably die for an unfair cause thousands of kilometers from their homeland for the interests of American imperialism, they will become the murderers of the Afghan people. It is immoral in itself that Erdogan, who does not even enlist his own sons to do military service, condemns the children of the people to such a decision, IT IS THE OWN TRIALITY AND ENEMY OF THE PUBLIC! The collaborative traitor AKP, which always boasts of being “domestic and national,” once again shows the dishonorable true face of this government that American imperialism has started to implement this order without blinking an eye. That’s why everyone who is truly patriotic must first fight together with revolutionaries and Marxist-Leninists for a fully independent Turkey against American imperialism and its collaborator AKP!

Murderer America Get Out, This Homeland Is Ours!

We Will Not Be Murderer of the Afghan People for America’s Dirty Accounts!

Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – AEMK

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