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Solidarity Action with Ali Osman Köse in Bielefeld

As the Committee for Solidarity with Revolutionary Prisoners in Bielefeld, we held a solidarity action for Cancer patient Özgür Prisoner AliOsman Köse on 14 May.

We read and distributed leaflets in German and Turkish in the action. We gathered signatures for Ali Osman Köse to be released.

We drew attention to the health conditions of Mumia Abu Jamal, who has been imprisoned in America for 40 years, and revolutionary George Abdullah, imprisoned in France, and demanded release for all sick prisoners.

Our friends from the association of political refugees from Münster also supported the action. A Syriac friend visited us and supported us. 13 people participated in the action together with the visitors.

Deciding to meet again every Saturday, we ended the two-hour protest with the slogan “Freedom to All Political Prisoners”.

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