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Sovereigns Do Not Give People Their Rights, People Take Soke Soke

Turan Aktaş has knitted his resistance day by day, stitch by stitch, day by day, in the 599 days of his resistance, which he started for his work, effort and sweat! He stood guard in front of the city hall every day and exposed the injustices of MuammerSovereigns Do Not Give People Their Rights, People Take Soke Soke

Keskin, and he continues to do so.

Muammer Keskin, who is both an enemy of the workers and wants to appear like a friend of the workers, made a court decision

although he does not give Turan Aktaş his job back! Now he is threatening Turan Aktaş

with “death” through his relatives!

We ask Muammer Keskin:

Where do you get the audacity to threaten a worker who has been resisting for 599 days?

The one who resists wins, this is a lesson of history. Do you think you have the power to change the course of history


Don’t you know that you will go down in history as an “anti-worker” with your struggles not to lose your seat?

Don’t you know?

p>And We Call Again:

We Stand With Turan Aktaş’s Righteous Resistance, Tortures, Deaths to the Power of Resistance

Threats of Death Do Not Profit!

To Anti-Labor CHP Turan Aktaş He Will Give Back His Job!


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