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Statement by Dev-Genç on the Raid of the Walking Magazine

AKP FascismHe Thinks He Can Silence the March Magazine with Raids and Operations!
HoweverHe’s wrong! The march is the people, it is the voice of the people, it cannot be silenced!
GaziLocated in the district of Ozan Publishing, on 14.06.2019 at noonpressed once again.
The murderer, torturer, thief cops of AKP fascism are oneOnce again, they besieged the neighborhood with their helicopters, cans, and long barrels.they got it. Terrorizing the March Magazine by surrounding the magazine and trying to publicize it.They intended to create fear. However, Walking Magazine is located in only one is not just a building or an office!
Breaking and destroying the walls and doors of the magazinethey entered. Yılmaz, an employee of the Walk Magazine, insideThey detained Viraner under torture. Then again to terrorizeThey headed to the “secret room” to deal with. Walk Magazine employees Merve Kurtand Ümit Çimen, and Grup Yorum member Ali Araci with torture.And they considered it a great victory, a success. However, every raidjust like AKP fascism and its torturer, who lost and terrorized in this raid.swarm!
AKP fascism, with its name engraved on gray lists, with the “shoot” orderAgainst a member of Grup Yorum, who continues to produce art for the public, despite being sought after.doomed to be defeated!
AKP fascism, the people’s oppression, fear andThe march, which is the voice of the people and hope in a country where terror is being taken over.Magazine is helpless, cowardly and helpless in front of its workers!
Our secret rooms, which he tried to terrorize, are also the latestvery legitimate, extremely proud. Ultimately, under fascismprivacy is right!
Our “secret rooms”, our shelters are importantgives messages to the people: “Even under fascism conditions, even if we are wantedWe will never give up working and producing for the public”
“Even if it is pressed a thousand times, tortures, detentions,We will continue to be the voice of the people even in captivity!”
Our dear people, for whom a great price has been paid,
Every time it is broken and spilled,Let’s make our institutions, whose belongings were stolen and plundered, even more beautiful than before.Let’s find out about its shortcomings, let’s complete the shortcomings of our magazine as much as we can!
The AKP’s unlawfulness, raids, torturelet’s tell everyone we see, everywhere we go!
March Magazine detained under tortureLet’s embrace its employees and Grup Yorum member Ali Araci!
The walking magazine is the voice of the people, it cannot be silenced!
Let the march magazine detentions be released immediately!
The lists of AKP fascism are unlawful, before the publicvoid; we don’t recognize your lists!
Raids, tortures, detentions cannot intimidate us!
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