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Statement from Germany Dev-Genç on Deniz Poyraz

Statement from Germany Dev-Genç on Deniz Poyraz

Deniz Poyraz, who was working in HDP İzmir Provincial Building, was brutally shot in the back by fascist killers on 17 June. We express our condolences to his family, friends and HDP supporters.

There is a police tent in front of the HDP building and it keeps watch for 24 hours.

HDP supporters have repeatedly reported to the police that there are fascists wandering around, and they have filed a criminal complaint.

The murderer who enters the HDP building enters with a bag full of guns in his hand, commits a massacre, stays inside for 50 minutes, but the “Police that don’t fly” can’t see it. Gunshots are heard from inside, but he does not enter for half an hour. The killer himself goes downstairs, the police ask him, “What’s your name, bro?” The murderer of DenizPoyraz, Berkin Elvan and Hasan Ferit Gedik is AKP fascism.

Murderer Akp Will Give Account to the Public

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