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Statement from the Ikitelli People’s Front Regarding the Raid on the March Magazine

To Yürüyüş Magazine, June 14In the morning hours of the day, the oligarchy was raided by the bloody murderer police.done. In the raid, Merve KURT, Ümit ÇİMEN, Yılmaz VIRANER and Grup YorumMember Ali ARACI was detained under torture. Our friends are nowtortured by murderous policemen in the Vatan Police Department where they were held.they continue to see.
With raids, detentions, torture,that they will end the revolutionary struggle of the people with arrests and massacres.they think. But situations like this let’s stop ending our fightcan’t even regress. Because we are processing them one by one for our revolutionary reasons.More causes for revolution means more struggle. We will ask one by onetheir account!
To our friendsThey searched with the false statements of the slanderers, placing rewards and giving the order to shoot.They keep looking for what they can’t find. Why then? because wewe are revolutionaries. We are the leaders of the people. And those who put bounties on our headsare their enemies. We will not expect love and compassion from the enemies of the people. Of coursewhich historically do their duty, their hostility to the people. peopleIt is most legitimate to resist, hide, and not surrender to these efforts of their is our right.
Yürüyüş DergisiA revolutionary that tells the truth to the public against the lying and censoring
Merve KURT, Ümit ÇİMEN,Who is Yılmaz VIRANER? Struggle against imperialism and oligarchy for his people and homelandThey are revolutionaries.
Who is Ali ARACI? 34 yearsHe is a member of Grup Yorum, which makes folk songs. To Grup Yorum concertsbans were imposed, rewarded and hit-ordered calls were issued to its members,Some of its members are in prison, the İdil Cultural Center, where they carry out their work.It was published 9 times in a year, it was tried to be silenced.
Group Comment after allMillions of people in our country and all over the world continue to own it. Only thisEven the situation is an indication that we are right and legitimate.
putting trophies on our heads,raids, the plunder of our institutions, our arrest…his terror demagogy against the people and regression of our revolutionary struggle,it is a finishing effort.
They will not achieve their goal.They cannot end the revolution by arresting and murdering them. Everyone arrested, murderedone of our comrades, we will fight harder for each of our published institutions.
What Walking Magazinenor will they silence Grup Yorum! All of our people, the Walking Magazine and the GroupWe urge you to take ownership of the Comment.
Ali ARACI FreeLet it be!
Merve KURT FreeLet it be!
Umit ÇİMEN FreeLet it be!
Yılmaz VIRANER FreeLet it be!
Yürüyüş Magazine is People,Cannot be silenced!
Group Comment is People,Cannot be silenced!
Ikitelli Popular Front
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