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Statement from the NRW Popular Front on the March Raid

You are a scoundrel, a traitor,You are a torturer and a murderer!
From AccountingYou won’t be able to escape!
Istanbul on 14 June 2019The Walking Journal office in Sultangazi Neighborhood was published once again.The contents were detained under torture and taken to torture chambers.The torture was so reckless that they broke the arm of Grup Yorum member Ali Araci.
This is not a simple raid.It is the terror of the lie against the Walk Magazine, which is the voice of the truth. the voice of the peopleIt is the intolerance of the exploitative and oppressor towards the Walking Journal. To the patriotsIt is the terror of the traitors against the country, the enemies of the people against those who love their people.
But exploitative and cruel,No matter what collaborators and traitors do, they can never beat the truth.No matter how much terror they inflict, no matter how much torture and massacre they inflict.they can’t beat the people.
This struggle is real sooner or laterAnd the people will win. And today the sovereigns who think they are the only power and theirTorturers, who are no more than stupid slaves in their service, eventually become the people’sthey will be accountable for justice.
We, the NRW People’s FrontAs a result, while drawing attention to these facts once again, the Walking Journal raidvehemently protests the immediate release of those detainedwe want it!
Down with TraitorsTorturers!
Down with Public EnemyTyrants!
Down with Fascism andImperialism!
Long live TurkeyPeople’s Struggle for Independence, Democracy and Socialism!
NRW Popular Front
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