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Statement on Elif Ersoy from the Public Workers’ Front

Revolutionary Press Worker Elif Ersoy Has Been Imprisoned With Conspiracies For Being The Owner Of The Journal Publishing On Behalf Of The People

And Editorial Director!

For Months She is Resisting and Tortured in order to be able to take it, to end the usurpation of her rights

and to be able to join her friends!

We will not consent to a press mentality as fascism demands!

Elif Ersoy has been imprisoned for 5 years . The reason for his detention is that he is both the owner and the editor-in-chief of the Walking Journal, which reports on behalf of the public, rejects the censorship of fascism, and publishes with a revolutionary press understanding.

This is an injustice in our country. one of the embodiments. While dozens of mafias, rapists,

murderers and drug dealers are released, those who love their people and homeland very much, like Elif Ersoy, are imprisoned and tortured.

This violates human dignity. We do not accept any treatment that counts.

Demands of Elif Ersoy, owner and editor-in-chief of Yürüyüş Magazine; p>

Demand for his transfer to the prison where his friends are on trial for the same case

Their request must be accepted.

The Rights of Journals and Publications Cannot Be Extorted!

Torture is Dishonored!


Free Prisoners are Our Honor!

Public Workers’ Front

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