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Statement on Europe – Giant Young Flood Disaster

The loss of life increased to 38 in the flood disaster in the Black Sea. 32 people died in Kastamonu and 6 in Sinop.

Meanwhile, AFAD, Fascist AKP’s President Erdogan and the health minister claim that everything is under control. However, even the number of people who were left homeless due to the flood was not disclosed. There is no information about the food situation in the regions where it is located.

Because fascism only lies and tries to keep the pulse alive. Because he was afraid of the anger of the people!

But there was no problem with the exploitation of those places when there was no flood.

The job of AKP fascism is to sell power and sell whatever is good!

People will wake up, this He will not call injustice ‘our destiny’ and cry. Because there are many valiant revolutionaries standing behind the people and in front of the people like a barricade.

This is why he is so afraid of a Yüksel resistance today. The fascist AKP government is afraid of the organized power of the people.

One day we will definitely change and fix every inch of it from Edirne to Kars by hand in hand with our people.

We will restore the balance of nature and the environment.



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