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Stuttgart People’s Assembly: No Mafia Without the State! Fascist State And Mafia Are One

Sedat Peker, who is on the agenda with his videos revealing the so-called secrets of the fascist state, is a part of fascism, he is an enemy of the people!

The reason why the sewer mafia gangs have so much information about the state is because the fascist state is ganging up and becoming a mafia!

The sewer rat mafia novice, Sedat Peker, who has been used for the hitman of the fascist state until now, cannot be the veterans, fighters and patriots of the country!

We will not allow the enemies of the people to poison the brains of our people and our youth with false patriotic words!


SedatPeker, who has been on the agenda of the country by publishing his 8th video on May 23, 2021, is originally from Rize. A compatriot of Tayyip, born in 1970 in Sakarya. He grew up in Germany. The mafia novice Peker was first used by the Susurlukists. He is a mean gang leader who extorts money, collects checks and bills with the coyotes he gathers around him. He was wanted for instigating the murder of bartender Oğuz Atak on the grounds that he had a “God” tattoo on his back. but this is a so-called “search”. He was always involved with the police, the dog and the myth of the state. In 1997, he was tried for the murder of smuggler Abdullah Topçu in Rize. rather, he was not tried, he was released.

The mafia protégé, who was “wanted” for seven months for threatening collections, forced detention, inciting murder and similar crimes, was brought to Turkey from Romania on August 19, 1998, declaring that he would surrender. The fact that Peker was later revealed to have a direct connection with an Antalya deputy once again showed the mafia-state relationship. Mafia novice Peker, at the court where he was tried, “a former deputy sent me a message and said ‘he should not act too much in court’. I want to tell you everything because if I don’t tell them, I can suspiciously commit suicide.” He threatened those who used him to reveal their relationship, and he was released from the case he was on trial. He covered the prison expenses of Korkut Eken, one of the counter-guerrilla chiefs from the Susurluk gangs. Peker was arrested in one of the operations (in 2004) carried out by the AKP to lure the stray mafia gangs used by the previous governments and to bring them into their service. In 2007, he was sentenced to 14 years and 5 months in prison.

Peker has pledged allegiance to Tayyip in recent years and posed as a hitman in the AKP’s war against the people. Behind him, he dreamed of being promoted from novice to master by attacking the people and revolutionaries with the support of the AKP state. Peker, who threatened our progressive, revolutionary and democratic people by saying “We will shed blood,” in the heart of Istanbul, began to attack the neighborhoods in Istanbul where the revolutionaries were strong, with the support of the state. He attacked because the revolutionaries did not allow the people in the omahalls to be swamped with prostitution, gambling and drugs. He attacked because the biggest obstacle in front of AKP’s urban transformation projects was the revolutionaries. HASAN FERIT GEDIK, who was shot and killed while the sewer rat Sedat Peker was fighting against drug gangs, is the symbol of the price paid in the face of these attacks. Thinking that he was promoted from ‘apprentice’ to ‘master’ during this period, Peker was sacked at the request of Çakıcı, who was released under the amnesty law. After the operations against Peker, who went abroad, the dogfight gained new dimensions and Peker; started broadcasting videos..

Both SEDATPEKER and AKP ARE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! ENEMIES OF THE PUBLIC CANNOT BE PATIENT! He tells that a group led by Mehmet Ağar is trying to bring around 5 tons of cocaine to the country. He tells that he was hired by the bodyguard police by Süleyman Soylu and that the guards were on duty even abroad.

Why didn’t Peker, the sewer mouse who never forget that he was the father of this country, his bouncer and lover, did not share such information as soon as he learned it? If he is a patriot, why did he keep silent when every inch of our country’s land was given away in the name of privatization? Where was Peker’s patriotism when our forests were burned, our lands were poisoned with cyanide, and the country’s most strategic companies were sold to foreign monopolies? Peker, the rat, saw people who committed suicide out of hunger and desperation as much as we did. Why was he silent? Because Peker is not a patriot, he is an enemy of the people and the country. For Sedat Peker, the vile gang leader who earns his money with threats, blackmail, violence, marketing women’s bodies and driving our young people to addiction, who lives off the people’s blood, and who is the hitman of the AKP, which sells the land of the homeland by parcels and plots, none of what he tells in the videos is a problem. The only problem for him is that he cannot take advantage of this system of exploitation and oppression. By publishing these videos, he is trying to create a space to benefit from exploitation again.


Nothing will be beneficial for the public in this buit fight. None of the crimes committed are unknown crimes. These are the facts that the revolutionaries have been telling for decades! The mafia has not collapsed into the state, it is a part of the state! Today, the sewer mouse Peker shares such information not for the public, but for his own benefit. Peker, who tries to gain legitimacy by using leftist values ​​like Pir Sultan, Seyit Rıza, Mahsuni Şerif and Che Guevara; Hasan Ferit Gedik, who killed the children of the people, sold drugs to children in front of schools and on the streets, made women prostitution Return to the resisting revolutionaries at the risk of death! The real patriots are the revolutionaries who fell to the ground for the salvation of the people, who are isolated in prisons, who solve the problems of the people in the people’s assemblies. Let’s organize in public assemblies to end the mafia state!

The Sewer Mouse Sedat Peker And His Like Are Not Patriotic!

The Mafia, Intertwined with the State Since the 80s, Is Under AKP Rule It has reached the limit!

There can be no mafia without the state! The Fascist State And The Mafia Are One!

Patriots Are Not Those Who Created The Swamps of Drugs, Gambling And Prostitution, They Are The Revolutionaries Fighting Against These Swamps!

Sedat Peker, Tayyip Erdoğan, Süleyman Soylu, Mehmet Ağar And All Enemies Of The Public They will give account to the public!

The people are right, we will win!

StuttgartPeople’s Assembly

26.05.2021< /p>

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