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Successful Concert by Grup Yorum

May 21 In , the popular protest group Grup Yorum gave an international live concert in Paris. many progressive artists participated.

Program started at 7:00 am with the opening speech of Grup Yorum.

“Zafer Halay” (Zafer Zafer) in Turkey dedicated to the members of the group Before singing the anthem,

İbrahim Gökçek and Helin Bölek, who were martyred on death fast last year, were commemorated. Ali Osman Köse has been suffering from cancer for 37 years.

At the same time, workers and followers gathered in a large square in Athens to watch the concert. they set up the screen and watched it with Greek artists

German artist and Left MP Diether Dehm, who was in solidarity with the group members, for many years the country, blame and prevent concerts against the attempts Vundu joined the program with freedom of speech, 2 videos and a short message of solidarity.

He also explained the importance of art as a medium to convey political messages.

Chilean artist Nicolas Miquea living in Germany also gave a short message about the importance of solidarity Successful Concert by Grup Yorum

revolutionary art as well as hostile attitude towards the Palestinian people mentioned.

Germany’ The so-called Left Circle also discredits any solidarity with the oppressed. He also said this

especially He was impressed when he heard that Grup Yorum was playing a song by Victor Jara.

he said they will teach a lot in terms of representing great concerts and revolutionary arts.

Nicolas sang two songs in total, one of his own compositions against imperialism and a song by Victor Jara.

Among the participants was the lawyer of the imprisoned revolutionary rap artist Pablo Hasel .

In songs and music mention Pablo Hasel, who was arrested for political statements in one of your videos ti. After Helin’s death, the song composed by Pablo Hasel for Helin Bölek and Grup Yorum was played.

The next band to take the stage in Paris was the French protest group Barricade.Successful Concert by Grup Yorum

The group has shown solidarity with Comment for a long time. He also expressed international solidarity and sang his songs for the people of Gaza.

The musician from Greece contributed his songs about resistance, a traditional Iperastiki.

Antifascist resistance song by Creta and proletariat and artist trio Argiris Nikolaou, Sakis Nikoletopoulos and Sonia Baksevani with a song dedicated to immortal Helin’

O once again reminded the meaning of love for people in Europe.

Anti-Imperialist Front in Greece with a few artists in Athens

they were watching the concert from a square where they set up a big screen to watch the program together.

A Greek artist expressed his feelings in his speech in solidarity with death fast martyr Helin

İbrahim, Mustafa and Ebru. It was said that Grup Yorum was a seed and it was forgotten by those who didSuccessful Concert by Grup Yorum

who killed them. They are martyrs, but hundreds of them are here with us. Free Group Comment! These words were

strong they expressed with emotion and finally they sang together with Grup Yorum’s “We Are Right We Will Win” you’re anthem in Greek

The next musician on stage is connected from Russia. Alexandr Kubalov and his group said

Solidarity with Grup Yorum and also they sang the anthem of Grup Yorum We Are Right We Will Win, in Russian.

After this first episode with international artists, Grup Yorum took the stage again with the second episode. They continued with Songs and Halays.

The second part of the international solidarity of the artists consisted of many Italians people who gave a great voice to Grup Yorum throughout the entire resistance.

A music collective called ‘Italian freedom fighters’ composed a song in support of the Group last year span>

Yorum’s resistance to oppression for freedom of expression, some of these musicians joinedSuccessful Concert by Grup Yorum

your feelings and solidarity a concert to express once again.

A member side of “Italian freedom fighters” The poem written for Grup Yorum was read in Turkish

and more music videos from Nazario Simone, Rocco Giangreco and Fabio artists

Giammusso demands freedom for Grup Yorum, and the group pays for the immortalization of Comment


The last internationalist to join this phase of rebellion was the Italian band Banda Bassotti< /p>

He made a great contribution to the resistance of Grup Yorum and has always been a part of it

Anti-Imperialist struggles with Anti-Fascist songs. They also expressed their solidarity with Grup YorumSuccessful Concert by Grup Yorum

The comment plays one of their songs in the original language “Victory Is Near”(Victory is near). A live

during the concert Speaking, a band member of Banda Bassotti thanked Grup Yorum and described it as a light

he said for people who are always with those who resist, the oppressed.

Grup Yorum said that they will respect and salute the resistance of Helin and İbrahim, whom no one can beat because of their strength.< p>

Group Comment to last scene when it came out, it played a few more of the popular resistance songs

and finished the program with Bella Ciao…

The audience of Grup Yorum who attended the live broadcast of the concert during the entire program

Pancards, photos and other symbols prepared for solidarity with Grup Yorum were projected onto the camera .Successful Concert by Grup Yorum

Youtube and Facebook The number of followers continues to increase. Nearly 1000 comments that the concert was beautiful

while there wasmore than a hundred thousand viewers attended during the live concert on Facebook

Many more people continue to watch the uploaded video on YouTube.

It is possible to say that Grup Comment and its supporters once again set an example

The concert of international solidarity is crucial in a time when artists and protest music are under attack, defending and strengthening the unity of revolutionary art. .

Thousands of fans only but also in France many journalists, from the left, progressive radios

Big channels like TV5 showed interest in the band’s work and conducted interviews a few days before the concert.

While 140 thousand people watched the concert broadcast on Facebook, 18 thousand people watched it on Youtube. (These rates are the current rates until May 23.)

The seeds of resistance spread all over the world and Grup Yorum kept their word to the martyrs

İbrahim and Helin, who were on stage throughout the entire concert, special

on-screen effects made them look as if they were real.

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