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Support Action Continues for Grup Yorum, Ombudspersons and March Workers in the Netherlands

Saturday10 August Our table is on Hoogstraat street in Rotterdam, Netherlands.we set up, we placed our foreign currency.
GroupWe listened to the songs of Yorum. On the street, where 3000 people per hour,human interest was in our action.
Turkishsomeone came in with his little son in his arms and said: “What are you doing here? For what?this” and asked a question
Our colleague who spoke,“Grup Comment is a music group. Pressure for protesting and making political musicThey are under, Centers, Artists are targeted and listed,they are detained with torture There are musicians who are in prison. of the peopleLaw firm lawyers are on the side of Grup Yorum members and the Soma case.lawyers,” replied.
Turkish citizen:”Why is that? Are they terrorists? Look! The Netherlands is satisfied with this situation,The Dutch want to defame our country, don’t do the same.”he exited.
AnotherOur friend got up and said: “Do you remember the Soma massacre? 302 miner liveslost. For what? To bring bread home to your children. You can open the internet and see.You can see it by typing Group Comment Soma. In Turkey, those who care about this situation andCan you show an artist who makes a folk song? Aydın artists express themselves in their concertshas brought. For example, did Uğur Ilarak do this?
For exampleGrup Yorum band was raped in front of her family by American soldiers during the Iraq WarHe wrote the song “Abire Agit” for Abeer Qaaseem who was killed and killed.said, Grup Yorum is the voice of everyone who is oppressed, murdered and exploited”
from TurkeyThe citizen thanked us for the explanation and shared his wishes.went away. Group Comment to this person who unknowingly asked a rude questionIt was a nice moment for him to introduce us and say it’s easy.
HourOur action, which lasted from 13.00 to 15:00, ended with short conversations.
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