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Support Action for Erdal Gökoğlu on Hunger Strike in Belgium

Protest in Front of Prison for Erdal Gökoğlu in Belgium

Erdal Gökoğlu, who was extradited from Germany to Belgium, has been on hunger strike since February 3, when he was brought to Belgium.

Since February 3, it has been resisting the arrogance of imperialism. They are arrogantly imposing a Uniform Dress (TTE) by saying “that’s the law here”. Erdal Gökoğlu, who is from the tradition of a free prisoner who died but never wore a TTE, answers of course immediately:

If you have laws, we have laws: WE DON’T WEAR A Uniform Dress, WE WILL NOT WEAR !

Erdal has been on a hunger strike for 18 days, but it has only been 2 days since it was heard that he was on hunger strike. The reason for this is that they keep Erdal Gökoğlu in isolation under the name of Kovid quarantine. The prison administration, which had no morals and conscience, did not feel the need to inform even those who called them that it was on a hunger strike. However, the visiting lawyer was able to learn that Erdal Gökoğlu was on a hunger strike.

His comrades shouted that Erdal Gökoğlu was not alone in front of St Gilles prison in Brussels on Saturday, February 20th.

People who came to the prison with placards The frontliners tried to make their voices heard by Erdal with loud slogans. It was not long before the police arrived after they saw the action by looking through the battlement of the prison door. It was told that the arbitrariness imposed on Erdal and his poor health were told. The action, in which the slogans never shut up, was voluntarily finished at the end of the stipulated time.

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