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TAVIR Magazine’s 169th Issue Is Out!

Let the İdil Cultural Center not be Published!
Concert Bans Should Be Lifted!
Group Comment Members Should Be Removed From Terrorist Lists!
Let Imprisoned Members Be Released!
Let the Lawsuits Be Dropped Against!
The Journal of Attitude in Culture and Art, Issue 169 is out
After a long time, we are together again with you, our readers.
We are happy to be in…
It was a period when culture and art increased as well. Most of these pressures
Revolutionary artists and institutions, the greatest fear of fascism, got its share.
All concerts of Grup Yorum, big and small, were banned, its members were arrested,
They were put on the “terror” lists and rewarded, our cultural center has two
was published nine times a year, our instruments and materials were smashed, our compositions
stolen, our studio was plundered…

TAVIR Magazine's 169th Issue Is Out!

The pressure on us has never been lacking… However, this process
Contrary to what fascism hoped, it was a period when our productions were the most intense.
for us. Despite all these pressures, Grup Yorum did not remain silent, making art for the public.
He did not give up, did not stop singing his songs. 37 concerts and 45 concerts on 3 continents
With the composition, he told half a million people about our righteousness and our fight…
Group Comment members who were imprisoned succumb to this injustice.
did not bend… They continued to be hope with their production… “We Want Justice!” saying
they started resistance with a hunger strike… They made their voices reach millions again…
Fascism wants to suppress and silence the people by force and fear. we
because we give the people the strength to overcome all these fears, because we are hope
We are being attacked. AKP fascism did not find what it hoped for with its attacks, it will not find it
also… Comment continues to reach millions of voices and raise hope… We
here we are again with our new issue…
Let’s remind AKP fascism again: “The folk songs of a nation
Those who make their laws are stronger than those who make their laws!”…
We share with you the 169th issue of TAVIR Magazine…

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