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TAYAD Statement: Fascism Kills

A fascist mob murdered a family in Meram district of Konya. A similar massacre was experienced by the Şenyaşar Family in Şanlıurfa. Massacres are the main character of racist, reactionary and fascist governments. Fascism is what it was in Şanlıurfa, in Maraş, in Sivas, and in Hatay on December 19, it is also in Meram district! The AKP government does not hold back from attacking and killing the people. Although they say the reasons for the attack separately, its quality is related to each other. There is no difference between the murderers of Edibe mother in Hatay, Şenyaşar family in Urfa, Dilek Doğan in Armutlu. It is our call to our people: being organized is a prerequisite in the fight against fascism. What’s wrong with one hand, two hands have a voice. If we were crowded when they came to murder the family in Meram district, they could not even approach the family. Fascism is cowardly, insidious, vile. Fighting to defeat fascism is the basic need of every poor person, like water and bread. This need is the common life need of all of us. In order to defeat fascism, we must form our own clique and resist. Let’s resist and win.

Families from TAYAD

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